Saturday, December 25

Saturday Dose of Cute: Merry Christmas

White Christmas Donkeys 1 - Farmgirl Fare
It's another white one!

White Christmas Donkeys 2 - Farmgirl Fare
And we finally put that unloved, apple-scented donkey ball to good use. . .

White Christmas Donkeys 3 - Farmgirl Fare
As a giant ornament.

©, the merry and bright foodie farm blog where we didn't get the two inches of predicted snow, but this light dusting definitely counts—and is more than enough for some of us. So what color was your Christmas?


  1. Merry Christmas to you and all your cute animals!

  2. Chuckling here over the ornament! Yes, it does look good as an ornament.

    No snow here in CT but our first big storm on the way tomorrow...a nor'easter.

    Merry Christmas! Seeing the donkeys tonight just rounds out a perfect day!

  3. Merry Chriatmas & A happy new year to all of you on the farm!
    the past few weekends over here were grey, stormy & rainy.
    Yesterday it was sunny with blue sky - a really lovely day.

    In the city where I live there is a family that every year in December turns her house into "Santa's house" and all the kids are invited to talk to Santa and have their picture taken. They have there candy for the kids and the resident Santa gives them little toys - it's not a commercial thing just a family that opens their decorated living room to all the kida (and their parents, of course).

    On the porch, this family collects this time of year bags clothes and other household goods for charity.

    We go there with the kids every year and really like it. This year, in line with the true Christmas spirit of giving, we decided to give them back: i bought a really nice porcelain pie dish, baked them a scrumpcious chocolate pie with ganache and a tree made of shreded green coconut decorated with colored candy (all natural colors, of course) and brought it to them - the lady of the house was so surprised and delighted!

    I'm so glad I could give a little to people who are giving so much to the community every year!

  4. Pretty much like yours--just a little snow. Not enough to make for a really white Christmas, but at least there was no mud.

    A belated Merry Christmas to you and your crew.

  5. Here in Denver our Christmas was 50 degrees and very brown. At least the mountains are white!

  6. White (and grey) like yours. But without the awesome giant green ornament.

  7. Well fed and cared for critters - a sign of the diligence of FarmGirl and her Hunky Guy - hope Christmas was made even sweeter by reflecting on all the events of past year - SO grateful for you and your stories, pictures and blogfriendship!

  8. Not white this year, thank goodness! Last year we had the EVIL white stuff (ice on top of snow on top of ice.) Too many wrecks.
    So brown was the Christmas color here in C-Town, Oklahoma. Unless there's a color for something that moves like lightning.
    What color is zap? Brassy gold with fiery spakles? That's the speed at which it moved.
    Oh, well. There's another one next year. Right?
    Hope yours was great!

  9. I love donkeys!! There is one next door to us that always seems to be so happy and full of life. (My kids enjoyed the pictures too!)

  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Susan. Always read your blog and love the pictures of all the animals. Had one of the best Christmas Days ever with my Mom who's 98 and friends. Yesterday was rainy and damp but today is gorgeous blue sky Yay. Hope you have a wonderful New Year. Am going to bake the Chocolate chip shortbread cookies Take care Blessings Mary

  11. Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Love the donkey's! Do they like the snow?

  12. If you had our snow (or we had your donkeys), they wouldn't get out of the barn. Our three sheep are stuck in the barn because the wind keeps blowing huge drifts on their door and keeps blowing inside the barn unless the door is shut! Drifts are now over the 4 foot snow fences! Enjoy your little dusting and enjoy your donkeys!!!

  13. MelanieFromNWMO12/27/2010 7:37 PM

    Love the ornament, love the donkeys! :-D

  14. We had a few slushy snow flurries. Not even enough to slick the roads.

  15. Merry Christmas! I hope it was a beautiful one!! This photo is lovely.
    I just posted for the first time in 3 years. Yikes. Miss you xo


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