Monday, December 6

Monday Dose of Cute: Behind Bear's Back

Behind Bear's Back 1

Behind Bear's Back 2

Behind Bear's Back 3

Behind Bear's Back 4
There's usually something going on.

Fortunately a whole lot happens in front of Bear, too!

©, the sneaky little foodie farm blog where Kit Kat's kibble dish (which is big and heavy so Crazy Daisy will stop carrying it away during the night—talk about things happening when you're not looking) has now been moved to a slightly less chicken accessible spot. Actually, it's now in its third spot, because the second one—on top of a table in the front yard—proved to be extremely chicken accessible. In fact, these two seemed to have fun flapping up to periodically check if anyone had recently come out and filled it for them. Lucky Buddy Bear has no comment.


  1. It really seems that you never have a dull moment on the farm do you? (Well, who would want to anyway?)

    Love, love, love those animals!

  2. EngineerChic12/07/2010 8:05 AM

    I'm not sure which to envy more - that you have Bear, two really great looking chickens, or that really cool metal pot! The pot is the only thing I'd have time to take care of, so I'll focus on that.

    What is it? It looks really cool.

  3. Those sneaky little hens...

    Bear is justing igging them!

  4. Very cute! In my experience, it is cat food that chickens can't resist... though they also will scarf down bits of styrofoam -- so watch out when you're carving those "gravestones" for your Halloween display.

    I speak from experience.

  5. He's just ACTING disinterested. Bear knows exactly what he's doing. Then he'll have them right where he wants them.....
    Uh, right, Bear?
    I love checking into your world every day. And the recipes! How do you ever find time to cook, too!
    Thanks so much!

  6. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for the comments.

    Nope, there is definitely never a dull moment around here! :)

    Engineer Chic,
    It's a giant cast iron cauldron - you know, like witches use. ;) Joe already had it when I moved in 10 years ago (I believe it was bought almost 20 years ago at a farm auction). We never use it, but it's the kind of thing that might come in really handy someday. I have noticed that some of our new Amish neighbors have big cauldrons like this, too. I should ask what they use theirs for!

    Uh, yeah. I'm sure that's right. ;) As for finding time to cook, we grill a lot (which in our book simply means tossing homegrown lamb or beef onto the grill without doing any prep) - and we love leftovers! :)


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