Monday, December 13

Monday Dose of Cute: Speeding Up and Snowing Down

First Snow 1
We had our first snow of the season!

First Snow 2

First Snow 3

First Snow 4

First Snow 5

First Snow 6

First Snow 7

First Snow 8

First Snow 9

First Snow 10

First Snow 11

These photos were taken yesterday, when it was about zero degrees F with the windchill. This morning it was 6 degrees without the windchill (and there was definitely a windchill). It's beautiful, but brrrrr. Some stuff that shouldn't be is frozen. There was such an arctic blast that the snow was blowing sideways, which means everything not covered with four walls and a roof now has snow on it. The hens and tools in that top photo are actually tucked several feet inside a little garage/shed.

As for the satellite Internet situation I wrote about on Saturday, first of all I want to thank everyone who so kindly e-mailed and left comments offering suggestions—and sympathy. I really appreciate your taking the time to write.

The short version of this exasperating predicament (can you say constant doses of Bach Rescue Remedy and Tension Tamer Tea?) is that we still have no idea what is causing us to sporadically (up to 24 hours at a time) use outrageous amounts of download bandwith. We don't have a router, so it's not somebody else using our connection. When I shut down the modem for 12 hours, there was no activity.

I was told the other day by customer service that "there's a 99.9% chance it's not the modem," but now it looks like there's a possiblity we might be in that .1%. We can't have the modem checked just yet because—oh wait, this was the short version.

The good news is that today we used our one time, you'd better know what you're doing because this is the only chance we're ever going to give you violation removal, so we've gone from slower than dial-up punishment speed back up to normal, which is still a turtle's pace compared to high speed connections, but I'll take it. Just cross your hooves we get to keep it.

This has been a pretty snowy year!
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©, the ironic foodie farm blog where we finally fixed the badly leaking bathroom faucet (which required replacing the entire sink with a brand new one—yes, in the falling down Shack we're hopefully moving out of in a few months) just as the season of leaving the faucet purposely dripping so the pipes don't freeze has begun. But I'm laughing, not complaining—and am so appreciative of running water when we have it!


  1. I just bought that Tension Tamer tea for my husband for the first time--God knows he has enough tension to be tamed to warrant drinking it by the gallon. Except we call it "nerves," like he's some kind of hand-wringing Victorian maiden. And no, I don't know why his nerves are so bad. Just his personality, I guess.

    Stay warm! Or, well, as warm as you can.

  2. Our satellite internet goes wonky when it's cloudy, or rainy, or windy, or sometimes when it's perfectly blue and clear outside and all I *reeeally* want to do is read a blog without having to wait for it to slowly load each picture. All that said, it's a sacrifice I'm happy to make to get to see more than a dozen stars each night.

  3. That is an amazing--and annoying--situation with the bandwith. It is so discouraging on so many levels. I hope it gets resolved in your favor--soon!

    We have had hideously cold weather in New England, too. It amazes me how resilient animals are when it is so cold.

    Good luck there. Stay warm. And give those animals a hug for me.

  4. I can't see your pictures right now....hum...

    Well, I hope they realize that any mechanical device can be faulty. If they don't then they are beyond stoopid.

  5. Love your comment about the tea! I need to drink it, bathe in it and maybe make it into a lotion...


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