Thursday, December 1

In My Kitchen Garden this Week: Swiss Chard!

Mr. Midnight in the Swiss chard filled greenhouse -
Mr. Midnight loves lurking in the Swiss chard jungle (aka the greenhouse).

I did a phone interview for a magazine article a couple of years ago, and at the end of our 45-minute conversation, the guy said, "So you'd like to be known for Farmhouse White and Swiss chard?"

Well, if it means inspiring people to try baking their own sandwich bread using my simple, tried and true recipe (which can easily be adapted to include whole grains, etc.) and discover an incredibly versatile (think everything spinach can do and more), easy to grow (even in containers), delicious tasting vegetable, then my answer is a definite yes!

Since one of the most popular posts on my kitchen garden blog right now is What To Do with Swiss Chard: Hot Swiss Chard Artichoke Dip Recipe and Other Ways to Enjoy My Favorite Leafy Green, I'm guessing I'm not the only one with a garden or CSA box still brimming with this cold tolerant (and heat tolerant) leafy green.

This week's new post on In My Kitchen Garden, Wondering What To Do with Swiss Chard? Favorite Recipes and Ways to Use My Favorite Garden Vegetable, includes links to all my Swiss chard recipes, plus another glimpse into the late November greenhouse, the varieties of Swiss chard seeds I'll be ordering soon, and my new favorite way to use the giant leaves and stems (hint: we love our powerful little $49 Waring juicer).

Are you already a Swiss chard fan? Come join us over at this week's In My Kitchen Garden post and share your favorite varieties and recipes!

Ready to skip straight to the seed starting? Check out How To Grow Your Own Swiss Chard from Seed & Why You Should. And don't miss the comments section of that post, where readers share their scrumptious Swiss chard recipes.

Need more than greens to get you through the week? You'll find links to all my sweet and savory Less Fuss, More Flavor recipes in the Farmgirl Fare Recipe Index.

©, where the #1 post on In My Kitchen Garden right now is still How To Ripen Green Tomatoes Indoors the Really Easy Way, and it really is easy. We enjoyed several November BLTs made with kitchen ripened tomatoes from the garden—on freshly baked Farmhouse White of course.


  1. You know, I don't think I've ever had Swiss chard, but I think I may have to look for some in my market and try one of these recipes. You may make a convert of me yet. as for your Farmhouse White absolute favorite in the whole world! soooooo delicious!!!

    thanks, Susan, for sharing these great recipes with us.

  2. Its pretty cold here now in New England, but the swiss chard and parsley are still going strong. My broccoli grew a second head after that freak Halloween snow storm we had. Most everything else is long dried up. Give Mr. Midnight a hug for me - he is my fav of all your kitties.

    ~ Aili


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