Monday, December 5

Monday Dose of Cute: Time To Get Up!

Mr. Midnight snuggled up in a vintage galvanized tub in the greenhouse 1 -
It's Monday!

More photos below. . .

Mr. Midnight snuggled up in a vintage galvanized tub in the greenhouse 2 -

Mr. Midnight snuggled up in a vintage galvanized tub in the greenhouse 3 -

Mr. Midnight snuggled up in a vintage galvanized tub in the greenhouse 4 -
I'm going to need a minute.

Wishing you a bright-eyed, energized week!

More Mr. Midnight? Here.
More vintage? Here.
More greenhouse? Here and here.

©, where this big (and heavy!) black cat we rescued from the shelter four years ago (along with Topaz and Sarah Kit Kat Kate) is now sprawled across my lap, purring up a storm.


  1. I want to know how you got our cat Midnight into that tub. I can see him sleeping away on the end of my bed. Our Midnight also has the white whiskers.
    Our best friend.

  2. Looks like the frost cloth makes for a nice comfy cat bed! Cute kitty!!

  3. So cute and so funny tool. Love that cat,

  4. The old saying has some validity, "curiosity killed the cat" because they have to check out ANYTHING new. They just have to stick their nose in anything that is a little different. If you watch them you can just hear them thinking "Hummm, I need to check this out".

  5. On a very cold snowy night Feb 2 years ago in NY my adult son found a big black cat even black whiskers, outside crying ,no one in neighborhood knew who she belonged to. She was in very good health so son took her in but his Ginger cat did not get along with her so I inherited her. She is gorgeous and young probably about 3 to 5 years, named her Isabella,Bella for short, she is a terror to my sweet 10 yr old tabby Princess Bubbles-because of her lovely personality. At least once a day I yell at Bella for holding Princess down and biting her neck, two females so must be a dominence thing. Funny thing is she does not bother with my old lady of 18 years Miss Kathy,Weird. But Kathy is Tough,Princess Bubbles is too Girly Girl. Happy Holidays.

  6. GREAT photos of a black cat in a pail! Thank you.

  7. SO sweet! Of course it's not time to wake up! Cats have their own agenda. :)

  8. Third photo down = too adorable for words!


  9. I'm making raspberry bars today! When I was a little girl, I had black cat named Midnight.


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