Saturday, December 10

Saturday Dose of Cute: Hostile Takeover (of the Best Pet Purchase Ever)

Hostile takeover of Bert's Coolaroo 1 -

Back in July we decided to buy Bert a Coolaroo bed for his first birthday, after seeing them on a dog days of summer amazon ad. I'd never heard of Coolaroos, but there were over 500 rave reviews, along with dozens of seriously cute photos of happy dogs laying on theirs. Well, you can add Bert to that list of comfortable customers! He tried to climb on his (which is cadet blue—they come in four colors) before Joe even had it fully assembled.

This is seriously the best pet purchase we've ever made—with the Cozy Cottage Dog Houses coming in second. (We've had one Cozy Cottage over a dozen years, and it still looks like new.)

More photos below. . .

Hostile takeover of Bert's Coolaroo 2 -

We have Bert's Coolaroo in the kitchen of the new house, tucked under the 7-foot wide (currently unused) deck oven so it's like a cozy fort. Bert sleeps on it every night and races over to it each time he comes in the house. That pillowcase is full of cedar shavings made when Joe planed a bunch of cedar boards cut from our property to make the ceilings of our new closets.

The elevated cot style keeps him off the cold floor in winter, and the circulating air keeps him cooler in summer. The special breathable fabric, which you clean by just spraying with the hose, also resists odors, moisture, fading, mildew, mold, and flea and insect infestation.

Hostile takeover of Bert's Coolaroo 3 -

Even though it's big enough to hold a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler, Bert is very glad we went ahead and bought him a size large—because apparently this state-of-the-art material is not resistant to cat invasions.

©, the comfy cozy, slightly terrified foodie farm blog where 16-year-old, 3½ pound Molly Doodlebug (aka The Doodle Monster) pretty much despises everybody on the planet except me—and has been known to attack beagle pups for no apparent reason. Bert tries to pretend she doesn't exist, especially when she's so close by.


  1. That's really cool! I wish I could get our dogs stuff like this- but they tear apart everything we give them- so frustrating! Bert is one lucky dog! :)

    1. Their actually really tough. I have one and I have 2 chewers and they leave it alone cause its soo comfty. Theres a rotating schedule with my dogs, every time I turn around another one is in the bed lol. You cam also make them out of pre cut pvc pipes and canves

  2. Too cute... looks pretty comfy... hmmm I wonder if our Lucy would like one??

  3. Looks like Molly's eyeing her next nap spot...but unable to take advantage now she's quite content to settle in and most cats will and most cats do

  4. Adorable! And not only cats, it looks like it's big enough for a toy or two as well, if I'm seeing right. That is one lucky pup!

  5. These beds are so nice. We actually made ours from heavy-duty canvas and PVC. Our bullmastiff loves it. I think we'll probably make a second one so she has one for inside and one for surveying her kingdom from the deck.

  6. I think Bert is definitely the "King of All He Surveys" - a very lucky pup, indeed! And...I love how the Doodle Monster is just biding her time... .

    Don't our fur babies just make our lives that much better?

    I'm making your cookies later today - YUM! I love cookies!


  7. Susan,

    You have wonderful farm stories, pics and knowledge. I hope you come over to to share with our members from time to time.


  8. Now this is something I am going to bookmark for when we have puppies, the bed sounds like a great idea, I especially like the part of how easy it is to clean, living in the countryside=mud, lots a mud!

  9. We have a Newfie. Do they make Newfoundland size? Although he is pretty content to sleep in front of the AC vent in the summer... Bert sure does look like he enjoys his bed, even with the cat on it!


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