Saturday, March 3

Saturday Dose of Cute: Finding Happiness on the Farm

Little sheep wrangler 1 -
My favorite little cowboy

BlogHer, my publishing network, has asked me to answer another question as part of its year-long Life Well Lived program, this time about Getting Happy:

How do you teach the children in your life happiness?

My first thought was that I should probably ask for a different question, since my experience with children is practically zilch. But then I started thinking about the kids who have visited the farm, and I realized that maybe I have helped teach them something:

That there is beauty and joy to be found everywhere in nature.

More below. . .

When they see how excited and happy I get about little, everyday things, they become excited and happy too. And from one visit to the next, that excitement stays with them.

"Where are the baby chicks?"

"Let's go see the lambs!"

"Look! This rock is shaped like a heart! And so is this one! And this one!"

Four years after it happened, my favorite little cowboy (who was just five years old at the time) still says to me, "Remember when we saw that owl on your farm?" And I always reply, "Yep. It sure was neat, wasn't it?"

Little sheep wrangler 2 -

It's definitely a two way street, though. The kids are also showing me happiness.

And then there's the other kind of happiness I'm known for teaching around these parts, to both young and old alike: the joys of munching on giant homemade chocolate chip cookies. Another simple pleasure that many people overlook but really can't be beat.

How do you teach the children in your life happiness? Come share your answer in the comments section of Dr. Aymee's Life Well Lived post, Helping Your Kids Understand Happiness, on BlogHer. You can also enter to win a Kindle Fire and a $50 gift card!

©, where we're surrounded by critter kids and always young at heart—and happiness is watching how comfortable (and cute!) a little boy can be in his very big cowboy hat.


  1. I don't think happiness is something you teach just provide them with the opportunity to experience

  2. Oh you are so right, children love nature. Mine who are now grown still remember fruits and vegetables I have grown and animals we had through the years as I remember the goat I had as a child in the 50's, and has brought them to love gardening and all nature has to offer, simple things like finding a Cardinal Mom sitting on her nest in our Buddleia. They actually feel sorry for kids today who have *Organized Activities* instead of being able to turn over a rock and discover various bugs and worms , or walk in the woods and see birds and furry creatures. Kids today do not spend enough time outside enjoying the earth.

  3. The happiest moments of my childhood were spent at my grandparents' farm every weekend and all summer long. We were allowed to stay up till the wee hours to witness the birth of baby animals. What amazing experiences. We spent many happy hours finding all of the best hiding places in the barns, helping in the vegetable gardens, gathering eggs and feeding/playing with the animals, and never once complained that we were bored and needed toys. We hated to see the sun go down because it meant having to go inside. I'm only sorry that my own children weren't able to experience those things. Thanks for all your great stories.

  4. I think you did a great job because happiness is only a state of mind, unfortunately our society (media driven) teaches that happiness is material stuff; new car, new diamond ring, the latest toy or video game. Until people realize your lesson they will be slaves to our consumer oriented economy. Happiness is wherever and whatever you make it yourself.

  5. Thanks for a post that reminds you to value what, and who, is around you. I can honestly say, that whether it's the sheer beauty of the landscape that you photograph around you, or the animal of the day (especially Bert), your posts always bring a smile.

  6. Great post! Happiness truly is a state of mind and not "things!"

  7. Thank you for such a wonderful post. You are one happy lady, that's for sure! If I'm ever feeling low, I know I can always read your blog and see your happy animals and feel lots better. You're the best.


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