Sunday, March 4

Sunday Dose of Cute: Up Close and Personal

Close up lamb cute 1 -

More photos and a lamb report below. . .

Close up lamb cute 2 -

Close up lamb cute 3 -

Close up lamb cute 4 -

Close up lamb cute 5 -

It's going to be a very cute filled week!

Current lamb count: 17. Ram lambs: 8. Ewe lambs: 9. Mothers: 9. Pregnant ewes remaining: 11. Number of enormous pregnant ewes already ensconced in a room at the Bonding Suite Inn (just to be on the safe side): 1 (that would be poor Friendly). Available rooms: 3. Ewes who decided to give birth to twins in the middle of a 20°F night: thankfully just 1 so far (last night).

Time this farmgirl got up this morning (and never went back to bed): 3:23. Number of hunky farmguys currently downstairs pan-frying up a local, pasture-raised chicken for dinner (!): 1. Cast iron skillets of hot cornbread all ready and waiting: 1 (love those Cornbread Gospels). Gotta go!

©, always working hard, always eating well—and always inundated with cute, especially this time of year.


  1. Oh these are the best photos! The babies are just to precious. Thank you so much for sharing them. It is always such a treat to read your blog and see your pictures - how can you not feel such joy when you see these babies?

    How is Friendly doing? I'm rooting for her!

  2. Cute babies, can't wait to see the rest! :)
    Fried chicken and cornbread, YUM!!

  3. LOVE these pics! I can't wait for us to get goats out here, and for now I will live vicariously through your sheep :)

  4. Honestly, I don't know how you stand it. I feel like i need insulin from the sweetness of these photos. I would be hopelessly in love and want to tuck every one of these little angels into a long row of dog beds in my house. I'd be a disaster. (Of course, the last time i visited an animal shelter, I left with the entire death row of 13 dogs.) Love seeing these pictures ad how differently marked each lamb is.

    Tracy B.

    1. Good for you, Tracy! I would if I could. I have 16 cats at present--and one dog. 6 cats are outside and 10 are in the house. Yes--it is a bit wild--but never dull!

  5. I see some gorgeous wool if I were a spinner and not just a knitter!
    Our goat season is coming up - love the babies!!

    Another Susan in MO

  6. Such beautiful lamb babies. Do they maintain their color when they grow up? Would make such interesting fleeces/yarn. Yes, I am a spinner. What do you do with the fleeces when they are sheared??

  7. If you don't have enough kisses to go around to all these precious little lambs, please call me.

  8. How do you stand all the cuteness? Thank you for sharing!

  9. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing. I grew up on a farm with chickens and pigs. Nothing cute to write about. How lucky are you?

  10. Baa! Baa! Black Sheep, have you any wool??? What precious lambs! Wish I could hug 'em!!

  11. Oh my gosh! If I had the money and a place to put them, I would give you however much you wanted for the top 2 lambs, they are the cutest things I have ever seen, esp the white one! I bet you get a lot of offers to buy these babies (and not for chops!)

    Thanks for the eye candy,



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