Thursday, March 1

Thursday Dose of Cute: The Waiting Game

The pregnant sheep waiting game 1 -
First timer Friendly

More photos and a lamb report below. . .

The pregnant sheep waiting game 2 -

The pregnant sheep waiting game 3 -

The pregnant sheep waiting game 4 -
Clare Elizabeth, one of our Katahdin hair sheep, had triplets last year.

The pregnant sheep waiting game 5 -

The pregnant sheep waiting game 6 -
Nothing to do but eat.

Current lamb count: still 12. Pregnant ewes remaining: 13. Number of occupied rooms at the Bonding Suite Inn: 5. Available rooms: 0. New rooms frantically currently under construction: 1. Keep your legs crossed girls!

©, the busting out all over foodie farm blog where one of the ewes who looks about ready to pop keeps wandering into the barn, looking around at the full up bonding suites, and then looking at me as if to say, I'm not gonna be able to hold out much longer here. Where exactly are you gonna put me?

And those colored lines on the ewes' backs are from the marking crayons we use when working the sheep. It's the question I'm asked more than anything else—except what we do with all those donkeys. (Priceless entertainment value!)


  1. I enjoy viewing your pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh how very lucky you are to have such a fantastic life and farm. I read you each and every day and wish I lived close and would pay you to hire me and love every minute of it. The poor Mama sheep, makes me say "oh you poor thing".
    Have a wonderful life.
    Lansing, Mi

  3. Wow, those girls look really ready...get those pens ready! You have one bottle baby?

  4. Poor thing.... I felt like that thirteen months ago.....

  5. It makes my back hurt just looking at those girls! They look like they are ready to pop! Good luck to you in the coming weeks!

  6. Poor girls do look ready to pop! Hurry and get that pen built "mom"!

  7. Wow!! I always love seeing the photos from your farm- it makes this suburban girl dream of bigger skies...

  8. Oh man! You guys must be busy! All those ready mamas (some of whom have a history of triplets) and no room at the inn. Looking at The Shack as a Bonding Annex yet?

  9. I hope they don't get stuck by a safety pin, they'll pop.

  10. What a fun time of year for us who are watching from afar. The sheep resemble my sister before she dropped her twins at over 6# each twenty years ago.

  11. Those poor ladies look so uncomfortable.

    Build! Build!

  12. My how I do envy your life! It makes me want to move and give it a go myself!

  13. Wowie! Susan, for how long do the moms and babes use the bonding suites? When will space open up for the rest of the gang?

  14. Your herd is so beautiful - loving the baby pictures and Bear taking care of the nursery always makes me laugh!

  15. Ever-vigilant Daisy on the job, sweet dog!


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