Sunday, May 27

Sunday Dose of Cute: Attention Farmgirl Fare Readers Using Internet Explorer

Daphne braying -
Please come back!

Hi! Are you having trouble opening Farmgirl Fare? Thanks to all of you who have alerted me to the problems you've encountered lately when trying to open my blog—the page won't finish loading, your computer freezes up, etc. I really appreciate your feedback.

The issue seems to have started when Google totally revamped Blogger (my blogging platform) last month. I'll spare you the details of the many frustrating hours I've spent trying (to no avail) to figure out what the heck happened and instead skip right to what I have figured out:

If you're using Internet Explorer as your web browser, you should try switching to Firefox or Google Chrome.

Internet Explorer is notoriously slow and clunky and despised by web professionals. Firefox and Google Chrome are both safe, free, easy to install, and far better and faster than Internet Explorer. (There is also Safari, but I don't have any experience with it.)

Everyone who has reported trouble and then switched browsers was immediately able to open Farmgirl Fare and In My Kitchen Garden (my offshoot garden blog) without any problem. If that doesn't do the trick, please let me know. Thanks!

©, where I realize posting a notice about not being able to open a blog on that blog does seem kind of pointless, but I know that a lot of you who are using Internet Explorer will still be able to see this short post via your feed reader or Feedblitz e-mail subscription or on the Farmgirl Fare Facebook page.


  1. Hi Susan,

    I don't know if this is related to the Google modifications of Blogger, but there may be a problem posting comments when using Firefox as the browser. I'm (very) new to blogging, and tried to leave comments on a couple of your older posts. I assumed they didn't show up because Joe was still out of commission, and you were swamped with work. Now I'm beginning to think you didn't get them at all!

    I've tested on my own blog (this may all be user error)and I've sent a 'feedback' report to Google. Until it's fixed (if it's not me), there are two workarounds I know of.

    One is for people to use Chrome when they want to leave a comment.

    The other is you can go to 'Settings', 'Posts and comments', 'Comment Location' and change from 'Embedded' to either 'Full page' or 'Popup window'.

    It may be user error. But if it's not, your other readers could run into another problem.

    Vicki in MI

  2. I was surprised by your account of your blog freezing up and/or not completely loading. I have been using Firefox for several years and have never experienced any of that. I also recommend to anyone experiencing any similar problems to download and use Firefox. It is sooo much better than IE of any number.

  3. Safari reads Farmgirl just fine. I used it for a number of years before Chrome was debugged.

  4. Hey you, I meant to tell you after you suggested Firefox the other week, Kazaaam!! All my loading problems solved!!

    Soooo much better. XXXXX

    P.S. Anyone linking to me might think their software is corrupt too.....nuh uh, I just ain't had the inspiration in months. Ack.

  5. Susan... I am new to your site (I found it while reading your post on another blog: Posie Gets Cozy) and I just wanted to say that you are my HERO!!!!! Having lived in the city and worked in the computer software industry for 20+ years I have fantasized over and over about getting away from it all but have never had the guts to actually do it (I claim that my 3 cats and great dane are about all I can realistically handle, so who am I kidding?). I am happy that I found your site so I can see what actually living the dream must be like. GOOD FOR YOU. ;)

  6. I'm blog surfin' with Safari and it's great.

  7. I've never used anything but IE and have never had a problem. I also use the internet security system (ISS) from Kaspersky and that helps secure anything I download or any surfing I might do. I also try to use Ixquick for all searches. It puts the httpS on and doesn't track your ISP.

    Love your blog. My granddaughter and I love to look at the photos, and it's the last thing I check out every night before shutting things down because it helps me unwind.

  8. Glad to hear Joe is doing better; this is not the time of year for a farmer to throw out his back. Just catching up on the Friday Fixes...and missing you. (and Kevin, which makes me miss you more...)

    I switched to IE 9, since FF was working fine, and it loaded quickly and seems to be letting me leave a comment. Weird...

  9. Thanks for this post, Susan, as I was having terrible IE problems with your site,e specially, and I don't like anything getting in the way of my Farmgirl Fare fix! Google Chrome is working fine.
    So happy Joe is better. What a painful ordeal for him to endure at this busy time of year.

  10. Hi Susan,

    I think I found my problem. I was not allowing 3rd party cookies.

    I've really enjoyed your posts, recipes, and photos. I hope for the best for you, Joe, and the rest of your family (both human and animal). Thanks so much!

    Vicki in MI

  11. I use IE and don't ever have any problems with your site, whew!! :)

  12. YAY! I should've known it was a browser issue. Guess that's one more reason to switch full-time to Firefox.

    Aaaaand...that's a hilarious donkey photo. Hee-HAW!

  13. I'm back - thanks to switching browsers. So nice to be able to see all the pix and the commentary now. Glad you alerted readers to the problem - thanks!



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