Saturday, May 19

Tail End of the Week: Get Your Friday Farm Fix #10

Welcome to the Friday Farm Fix, a new series on Farmgirl Fare where I share a random sampling of what's been happening around the farm during the past week. Just joining us? You'll find all the Friday Farm Fix posts here.

5-18-12 Friday Farm Fix #11 (1)
Vintage washtubs in the homemade greenhouse

How to describe this past week? Hot, dry, and way too dusty. We've had less than two inches of rain in the last eight weeks, which was supposed to be our rainy growing season (remember when the creek flooded last year?). The grass in the fields is already going to seed and burning up, and even the weeds are shriveled. You'd think it was the middle of August rather than the middle of May.

When the forecast is calling for a heat index of 127 degrees—and they've taken out the promised rain—you know it's time to just stop checking the weather.

My hunky farmguy Joe spent another week out of commission, though his back is slowly healing. He even came down to the sheep barn last night to help a little with chores—after the sun had ducked behind the ridge. He has one more week on the medicine that really knocks you for a loop if you go out in the sun.

In the meantime, the scenery is pretty, the air conditioner works, and there's plenty of food, which is good because that no-sun medicine has also given Joe a humongous appetite. Yesterday out the bedroom window we saw a doe with a baby fawn that was so small it looked like a rabbit. (And that gorgeous brown moth below was almost as big as the fawn.) And the bright side of having only one of us working outside for the past 20 days? There's a lot less dirty laundry!

I've been spending a lot of time in the garden, planting, weeding, and watering (these ultra light Water Right garden hoses are the best). From garden to kitchen: lots of Italian parsley, basil, and chives, Red Russian kale (from last year's plants), the entire bed of gourmet lettuce (it's more than it looks like once you start cutting!), green onions and spring onions, and of course Swiss chard.

My favorite basil pesto recipe (which works with green or purple basil) is here, and I'm thinking about parsley pesto. Have you ever made it?

28 more farm photos below. . .

5-18-12 Friday Farm Fix #11 (2)

I hope you're enjoying the weekend!

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  1. Whoa, dig that third picture! Cool!

    Google tells me it might be a Gray tree frog?

    Yours looks scarily big until you remember to gauge it by the philips-head nail/screw next to it...


  2. I thought that looked like a living creature.

    Great array of pictures this week, loved them.

  3. The moths are gorgeous. Sorry it is so dry for you.

  4. Gorgeous pictures (as always). This hot weather in May is pretty scary, isn't it? I'm not going to lie - I'm afraid of August this year. We're finally getting some much needed rain tonight, though (so much that the puppy wouldn't go out to pee and had to be cajoled into standing under the tree to do her business.)

  5. Wow--wonderful photos! The donkeys always make me smile...but your other photos are a glimpse into your lifestyle on your beautiful farm. Looks like everything is growing. I like your tent over the plants and may do this on my deck where it gets so hot from now on. Hope the hunky farmer guy feels better soon!

  6. Okay, this is the BEST FFF you've delivered yet! Wonderful pics (you have such an eye!) and that little toad! OMG, of course I thought he was a rock at first. Thank you for sharing your life with those of us who get to live it through you. (I wish we could all be there to help with some of the chores while HFJ gets better.)

  7. Great pictures, those moths are fabulous! I hope ya'll get some rain.

  8. So awesome! I've been telling Bubba how much I want a toad in my garden! I've heard that they'll just show up if you give them a good place to live, but I kinda doubt there are many out here in the you give yours a little toad house or do they just show up?

  9. Gorgeous pictures. is that a bull frog? I thought he was a rock at first, too!

  10. Wonderful pictures! Thank you.

  11. wonderful pictures, thank you! Best wishes for the aching back recovery.

  12. These are, without a doubt, the best pictures you've posted. I enjoyed every one. And so sorry you're pulling double duty while Joe's back mends...hang in there.

    Tracy B.

  13. Amazing butterfly pictures!

  14. I love pesto in all forms. Every spring, i make ramp pesto (simple olive oil and whole ramp, leafs and all)(Drolling***)


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