Thursday, November 15

Thursday Dose of Cute: Chase me, Gus! Please?

Bert trying to get Gus to chase him (1) -
Bert, Gus, and Daisy in the front field

Beagle Bert is by breed a hunting dog, which means he happily spends several hours each day tracking (but rarely ever actually catching) rabbits through the woods and across the fields. There's nothing like the sound of an excited beagle on the trail, especially when it's echoing through a narrow little valley. After 15 years of living with a beagle (first with Robin for 13 years, and now with Bert), that unique canine call still cracks me up.

Bert loves doing all the usual beagle things, but what he loves more than anything in the world is being chased—by anyone he can get to come after him. The other morning he had me chasing him around and around the pickup truck in the farmyard. He was too fast for me, and much better at taking the corners, so I tried to fake him out, turning around and heading the other way to ambush him as he raced around. He quickly got wise to me and starting darting right under the middle of the truck instead. We both had a great time.

A few hours later Bert, Bear, and I walked out to the front field to check on the sheep and the donkeys, and while we were out there Bert somehow convinced two-year-old Gus to chase him around the grass (the green grass!). After surviving a slightly terrifying game of chase the beagle out in Donkeyland not long after we adopted Bert, he laid off the donkeys for a while, but now he's back to the challenge.

Gus only made a half-hearted effort, and the game didn't last very long, but it was still the highlight of Bert's afternoon.

Eight more photos below. . .

Bert trying to get Gus to chase him (2) -

Bert trying to get Gus to chase him (9) - - Copy
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

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©, where until just now I had totally forgotten about one of my favorite series of newly arrived Bert puppy pics, although he probably still hasn't. Baaaaaa!


  1. What a cute series of pictures! I love Daisy's attitude! :)
    I really enjoyed "Meet The Sheep Day" too!

  2. Thanks for the photos. I just love all of your animals. I think it's so funny that Bert loves to be chased - he is so funny!

  3. So cute, I love it that Daisy just watches

  4. So funny! Doesn't it crack you up to crack yourself up? Living out in the middle of nowhere, sometimes it seems weirdly funnier to do something funny, when no one else knows. If a tree falls in the woods... :). Terrific image of you and Bert playing round and round the truck! Your guys rock.

    Susan, hoping to get my garlic in today. Is yours in? How do you decide how much of current harvest to hold for cooking and how much for planting back in for next year? I'm stimying (sp?) myself! LOVE THE GREEN GRASS!

  5. Oh buddy! Jada would love Bert - she lives to chase and spends her time with other dogs trying to rouse a game of chase. Too funny.

  6. I love how Bear enters the scene to supervise! He is probably trying to figure out if there is any herding going on without him!:) It makes you feel good to see that happy little beagle spreading his cheer.
    Great series and story. As I have said before, your links to the past tales (like Robin, Bert's arrival,Gus) add so much to each entry...I always cry when reading about Robin.
    I revisit the same favorite posts and always discover ones that are new to me. Thank you!
    (that cauliflower puree is soooo delicious---is it the garlic?!? I have shared the recipe with customers at my market always giving you credit!)


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