Thursday, November 8

Thursday Dose of Cute: Dinnertime for Daisy (and The Whole Picture)

Dinnertime for Daisy, with donkeys (1) -

More photos below. . .

Dinnertime for Daisy, with donkeys (2) -

Dinnertime for Daisy, with donkeys (3) -

Dinnertime for Daisy, with donkeys (4) -

Dinnertime for Daisy, with donkeys (5) -

Dinnertime for Daisy, with donkeys (6) -

Dinnertime for Daisy, with donkeys (8) -

More of The Whole Picture series? Here.
More Daisy? Here.

©, where you don't always get to eat in peace—and that bright red thing in the background of the last photo is a big round bale hay feeder that hasn't been assembled yet. It's still sitting on the trailer, looking like the circus has just pulled into town the farm.


  1. I think the donkeys were wanting some of Daisy's dinner! Hubby's horse sure likes the dog food! LOL!!

    1. Oh my gosh, Donkey Doodle Dandy LOVES dog food - which of course he's not supposed to eat because he's a vegetarian. That's the only tricky part about having livestock guardian dogs - you have to feed them somewhere separately from the livestock. Even some of the sheep will RACE to the dog food bowl. :)

    2. We have to put the dog's food in with the hay, he can get under the fence but the horse and the goats are out of luck. The goats will eat the dog food too!

  2. The donkeys are hilarious. . . but the other dog in the background not eating?

    How does that happen?

    1. Hi Sumik,
      That's Marta (aka Marta Beast), Daisy's livestock guardian partner. She has her own dog dish near Daisy's but she's the only dog I've ever known that has to be begged, pleaded, and cajoled over to her bowl at mealtime - and that's only when there are special treats (otherwise Daisy will pick through and eat them all). If it's just a plain kibble night, forget it. She does eat, but it's on her own schedule. :)

  3. I think the donkeys are looking longingly at Daisy's dinner. Kinda like they think she ought to share with them! So cute!

    1. Hi Barb,
      Yep, the donkeys are inspecting Daisy's dish, and they're also looking over at us because we're walking away without having given them any treats. The donkey motto around here is, If anybody eats, WE should get to eat! :)

  4. Of all your animals, Daisy is my favorite. I just want to hang out with her.


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