Monday, March 11

Monday Dose of Cute: All in a Day

All in a day (1) - Feeding one of my two bottle lambs -
Feeding one of my two bottle lambs in the barn.

Random photos taken around the farm yesterday. It rained for several hours (yay!) and when the sun burst out during a lull, I took a break from cleaning up the greenhouse and grabbed my camera. Our 19 little lambs are growing fast, and hopefully the grass in the fields will soon be too.

Seven more photos below. Hover over each image for a description. . .

All in a day (2) - My other bottle lamb, taking a bite out of my jacket -

All in a day (3) - Chowing down in the lamb creep feeder -

All in a day (4) - Our Katahdin hair sheep, including one year old Iris, are starting to shed their coats; messy but no shearing required -

All in a day (5) - Mud puddles beat water bowls every time -

All in a day (6) - Marta Beast and Daisy, our awesome livestock guardin dog duo -

All in a day (7) - Mr. Midnight on top of the ratty, but still functional, 12-year-old homemade greenhouse -

All in a day (8) - Don't roll off there, happy cat -

Wishing you a cute filled week!

More farm life photos? Here and here.
More of the homemade greenhouse? Here.
More Katahdin hair sheep? Here.
More little lambs? Here.

©, where the first tiny frog of the season was plastered against the glass front door during yesterday's rain. Hopefully it took cover before last night's snow flurries. I don't think frogs like the cold. Want to see some farm frog photos? Right here.


  1. Iris looks like she is going for the drapey shawl look. I'm sure she'll be much more comfortable once it's off.

  2. Your photos transport me to my childhood home and the farms surrounding it where we played til dark with sheep and horses and dogs.

  3. Susan are you collecting the hair as it is shedding? I bet it is worth a good deal for spinners/weavers. You are getting such healthy lambs - changeover in breed seems to have been wise. Hope this is a MUCH better summer for you - enough rain and no snakes, back injuries and oh yeah - enjoy that nice house!

  4. Oh dear lord thats a cutie, Oh how envious am I now??

    Thank you for your nice words on my felted hearts, I also really like the colors.

  5. I love the lambs every year. Spring in Saskatchewan will be awhile yet as it just won't quit snowing and flooding is a real possibility again. I enjoy very your column and whether the pictures are flora or fauna they bring me joy and peaceful times.
    I'm having a mastectomy next week so keep me happy over the next few weeks.

  6. Too adorable. The little lambs backsides all in a row is fabulous! Those colors are amazing. any why is it that drinking from a puddle is always better than water bowl? Our kitty drinks from the overflow tray under the now indoor Meyer lemon, fig and olive trees. We call it pond water, and she loves it! Your homemade greenhouse is fabulous, thanks for the peek inside. Our rhubarb is peeking out of the ground; I do believe Spring is on her way! Congrats on the sweet new babies!

  7. Those baby lamb photos make me very glad I'm a vegetarian!

  8. The contrast between Marta and Daisy cracks me up! :)
    Our dog prefers puddle water too and has now even started drinking out of our redneck fish pond. LOL!!


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