Wednesday, March 20

Wednesday Dose of Hungry Cute, Plus Toting Treats to the Barn and Beyond

All you can eat hay buffet (1) -
All you can eat hay buffet—kids under 40 pounds eat free!

If you're wondering what these BlogHer reviews are and why I write a few of them each year, please see my long replies in the comment section of this post. And thanks for supporting the advertisers who help bring you Farmgirl Fare!

When my publishing network, BlogHer, asked if I was interested in being part of a review program for Glad food storage containers, saying yes was a no-brainer since I already use them.

For most of February I used Glad storage containers to tote giant whole wheat chocolate chip raisin cookies down to my little shepherd's hut (aka the 18-foot travel trailer) parked at the barn, because you never know when you'll need a pick me up snack at 3 a.m. during lambing season. (And judging by how many times I brought the empty container back up to the house for a refill, apparently I need one pretty often.)

I'm a big believer in storing food (and all sorts of other things) in reusable containers, and we have them in lots of shapes and sizes. Since we both work at home on the farm we don't need to pack a lunch every day, but we never head into town without plenty of edible provisions.

Even if we're just making the 20-mile round trip to the post office we take along water and snacks, because when you live out in the middle of nowhere anything might happen between here and there.

More story and photos, plus a fun Pinterest contest below. . .

All you can eat hay buffet (2) -

For our three city, 15-stop errand and supply runs, we pack leftover grilled meat sandwiches on homemade bread, plus pretzels, nuts, and usually a homemade sweet treat. Everything goes into unbreakable plastic containers, and the perishables are put, along with ice packs made from reused plastic bottles, into a small cooler that fits behind the pickup truck seats. (Two-liter plastic bottles, orange juice jugs, etc. make great long lasting ice packs for larger coolers.) The Glad Entree containers are the perfect size for sandwiches.

I also like to take along fresh raw veggies for off-farm lunches, especially if there are cherry tomatoes, sweet red peppers, or dragon langerie beans ready for picking in my kitchen garden.

And since I like to dip my veggies in quick and easy homemade low fat buttermilk ranch dressing, I was tickled to discover Glad's To Go Lunch containers, which come with a little dressing cup that snaps into the lid. Brilliant. They're perfect for toting salads (no more soggy greens!), and the dressing cups will also fit most other Glad storage containers as well. More brilliance.

The nice thing about Glad containers, which can go in both the freezer and dishwasher, is that they're less than a dollar apiece, so you don't have to worry about losing them or lending them out and never getting them back. The tight sealing lids are great, and I love that both the lids and containers are made from sturdy plastic that is BPA-free.

All you can eat hay buffet (3) -

Fun Pinterest contest alert! Go to the Glad Pinterest Board Contest to Inspire your Lunch with Glad. Create your own Pinterest board for a chance to win weekly prizes! Timing of the Glad Pinterest Board Contest: 3/18 – 4/28.

Steps in entering the contest:
Step 1: Click the photo on the Glad Pinterest Board Contest page that most inspires you to get started pinning.

Step 2: Choose “create new board” in the dropdown menu of the Pinterest pop up screen. Title your new board “Inspired Lunches.”

Step 3: Find at least 4 photos anywhere on the web that fit the theme of “Inspired Lunches” and pin them to your new board. Include #gladinspiredlunches in your photo description.

Step 4: Once you’ve pinned a total of 5 photos (including one from the Glad Pinterest  Board Contest page) come back to the Glad Pinterest Board Contest page and submit your board.

If you make a pinboard in the contest, please share your pinboard URL in the comments below—I'd love to see what you've done! In addition, I'm always looking for inspiration, so tell me how you make your inspired lunches.

You can also visit Glad's page on BlogHer for more ideas.

©, the unbreakable foodie farm blog where some of us get all of our meals delivered. And I guess I could bring containers of veggies and dip down to the shepherd's hut next lambing season instead of cookies, but at three o'clock in the morning, sometimes you just need chocolate.


  1. Hi, Yesterday you said you rub garlic oil on your feet. I also do , but also use Vick's vapor rub, or the store equivalent, and rub that on the soles of my feet , then put on socks and go to bed. It helps. It must be the eucalypus oil. Forgive my spelling. Jackie

  2. I love my glad containers, just put leftovers in one tonight. I use their bags too - tonight it's cooked rice in a bag, then into the freezer for when I just want a bit of clean carbs.

    1. Ooooh Lynda, I hope you don't reheat the rice? Huge risk of food poisoning I believe.

  3. I love reusable, unbreakable containers for lunches on the go! :)

  4. Who knew that you could snap the little containers into the lids of the bigger ones? I love it.


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