Tuesday, March 26

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Hello, Spring. Hello, Creek!

Hello spring (1) - Daffodils in the snow - FarmgirlFare.com
Hello, spring. You're looking a little pale this year.

In the past five days we've had more snow than we had all winter. The biggest snowstorm of the year arrived late on the second day of spring, with big, soppy flakes that piled up to about five inches in no time. By the time I made it outside the next day with my camera (we're both down with the flu now) most of it had already melted, but it was so pretty while it lasted.

11 more photos and an update below (hover over each image for a description). . .

Hello spring (1a) - Looking across the hayfield while leaning out an upstairs window - FarmgirlFare.com

Hello spring (2) - the wet weather creek looking north toward the sheep barn, with Daisy and the shepherd's hut in the background - FarmgirlFare.com
Hello, creek! It's so good to see finally see you again.

Hello spring (3) - the wet weather creek, in front of the house looking south toward Donkeyland - FarmgirlFare.com

Hello spring (4) - Daisy, one of our two livestock guardian dogs, splashes across the creek to come say hi - FarmgirlFare.com

Hello spring (5) - Daisy and Bear taking a break from romping around - FarmgirlFare.com

Hello spring (6) - Marta thinking about coming across to join in the fun - FarmgirlFare.com

Hello spring (7) - Marta still thinking about crossing the creek - FarmgirlFare.com

Hello spring (8) - Looking for a better spot to cross - FarmgirlFare.com

Hello spring (9) - Still thinking about it - FarmgirlFare.com

Hello spring (10) - Marta decides she doesn't want to get wet - FarmgirlFare.com

Hello spring (11) - Can't you guys just come over to this side - FarmgirlFare.com

Then we had some more rain (yay!) and then it started snowing again. It snowed all day Sunday and yet never turned the ground white, which was even stranger than getting the five inches. Yesterday it did the same thing, with tiny flakes that fell for hours, a brisk arctic wind howling through our little valley, and every once in a while the bright sun poking through. Weird.

Meanwhile, our wet weather creek returned for the first time in two years (woohoo!), which means we might actually be coming out of this terrible drought. All we can do is hope we keep getting more spring rain. Or snow, or sleet, or whatever. We'll take the moisture any way we can.

Daisy splashed right through the creek to come say hi to me and Bear, but Marta, who usually loves the water, just couldn't get herself to wade across and join in the fun, even though at that narrow point it was only a few feet wide. She probably could have jumped across.

I know a lot of people are tired of winter, but most years here in Missouri it often feels like winter is over before it really starts. After 17 years, I finally stopped compiling a mental to do list each year of all the indoor projects I wanted to tackle during snowstorms.

So I say go ahead and bring on the snow, no matter what the calendar says. Pile on the polar fleece and simmer up some cozy soup. The heat and humidity (and flies and wasps and ticks and snakes) of spring and summer will be here soon enough.

More Daisy? Here.
More Marta Beast? Here and here.
More creek photos? Here and here.

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  1. Love how Marta kept her paws and powder dry !~! What do the little lambs do in weather like this? Can you put them inside the barn? I cannot imagine what that would be like to be cold and not have an alternative...

    1. Hi Lynda,
      Not to worry - the little lambs love frolicking around in the snow! They have a big cozy barn to snuggle up in at night, but unless it's pouring down rain, given a choice, the sheep usually choose to sleep out under the starry skies. And really, who can blame them? It's beautiful and oh so peaceful - and of course they've got plenty of warm insulation. :)

  2. Susan, so happy to see that creek again. I'm in PA and was annoyed with all this spring snow - I forgot how important the "wet" is to those of you in drought areas. Thanks for the perspective. Love that Marta! I'd be keeping my feet dry, too!

    1. Hi Jean,
      Don't feel bad - if we'd had several feet of snow to deal with, I'd probably be annoyed too. :)

  3. Flu go 'way! Boy, you guys have had more than your share. Sooo glad the creek is wet. I'd say your watershed is recharging. I think I can hear green pastures yawning to life! Thanks for the fun shots. Feel better!

    1. Hi Cary,
      Yeah, so far this year has been. . . trying. We're hoping for a much better spring - with a lot less time spent out of commission and stuck in bed! :)

  4. Susan, Here's hoping you and Hunky Farm Guy Joe get well soon and stay well for a long time!!!! My hubby is from MO and we know what weather there can be like - always tricky! Stay warm!

    1. Thanks, Cindy. Yeah, I'm hoping we got our entire year's quota of sick days done early, lol. As for the weather here in Missouri, after 18 years it still continues to surprise me with its crazy ups and downs and unpredictability. I'm beginning to think you never get used to it!

  5. My god, it's so beautiful there! I remember it well from my childhood. And the night sky on those cold winter nights--I'm sorry you can't take pictures of that!

    1. Hi Peejay,
      Yes, the night sky is really amazing here. On a clear dark night you can see about a billion stars along with the gorgeous streak of the Milky Way. During middle of the night trips to the barn in lambing season I spend a lot of time just staring up in awe. :)

  6. Snow is always prettiest at the END of winter! ;^) Good wishes to you and Joe for the end of your viruses and a healthy, happy Spring.


  7. Oh my~ My mother lives in Gainesville MO and winters are crazy there. 80 degrees in Feb and snow in March. I know that you all get way more ice storms than snow. I so enjoy your blog, whenever I look at the pictures I see my mothers neck of the woods. One of the prettiest places on earth that is for sure.
    The sky there, the stars are amazing, my mother used to live on 80 acres just north of Tecumse and one year, my husband and I climbed on the roof to watch a meteor shower, amazing. I live in Western PA now. Love MO!

  8. Love your pictures! I'm praying you gets lots of moisture this year (just not TOO much), and that you get over this darn flu-bug.

    Happy Easter!

  9. Loved the Marta series! What is she...exactly? All sheep dog? Part Poodle? Maybe some Corriedale?

    Thanks for the great blog which I enjoy from my north-facing third-floor condo in L.A.

    1. Ha, I love your guesses (and my apologies for the delayed reply). Marta Beast is a mix of three livestock guardian dog breeds: Great Pyrenees (which is what Daisy is), Komondor, and Anatolian Shepherd, but she is also 100% goofball - and in desperate need of her spring spa day/shearing. She's an awesome guard dog and we love her to pieces!

  10. hello!! Love these pics- Marta looks just like my Lily. I sent you a pic via email.

    Have a great day- thanks for sharing

  11. Believe me I feel your pain, I live in the Canaan Valley which is in the mountains of West Virginia. We have received 65" of snow in the month of March as of yesterday and it is still snowing!! Total snowfall for the season as of yesterday 217", and they are calling for more next week. I have seen no spring vegetation popping up threw the snow with the exception of some very early ramps about a month ago when we had a brief thaw, my poor garden

  12. That stream looks like so much fun to splash in! I love that kind of weather.

  13. Hooray hooray SPRING has arrived! I just love this season as it is often associated with rebirth, renewal and regrowth.


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