Monday, March 4

Monday Dose of Cute: Curious Little Lambs

Curious little lambs (1) - E-4 and her twins -

More photos and a lamb report below. . .

Curious little lambs (2) - Helga and her twins -

Curious little lambs (3) - FLB's twin boys -

Curious little lambs (4) -

Curious little lambs (5) - Helga's twin boy inspecting Auntie Ava

Curious little lambs (6) -

Curious little lambs (7) - Helga's twin boy inspecting LGD Daisy -

Curious little lambs (8) - Mom! I think I see a Bear! -

Little lambs love to run and jump and play and inspect (and nibble on) every little thing. Sheep TV is so much fun to watch. These photos were all taken back on February 12th. Oh, how the time has flown—and how much they've already grown.

Current lamb count: 19. Number of mamas: 9. Sets of twins: 7. Sets of triplets: 2. (Not a single single!) Lost lambs: 1. Number of pregnant sheep remaining: 1 (but I think she may be faking). Number of days since the last lambs were born: 6. Number of days since lambing season began: 34 (which is way too many considering how few ewes we bred). The word I never want to hear again: mastitis. Cute overload factor: off the charts.

Just joining us for lambing season? Catch up with all the cute here.

©, where today is the only day of the year that gives a command—a fun little fact I learned back in first or second grade and have never forgotten. And that big white thing in the back of the last photo is a homemade prototype PVC/cattle panel hay feeder that bit the dust. We've since switched to all steel.


  1. Talk about Cute Overload!!! Those lambs are just too, too adorable!

    The dogs are great too. Where Oh Where is Beagle Bert? It seems He's always somewhere thick in the action.

    Thanks for sharing theses great photos with us - hope you are all doing well.

  2. I am a buffoon! I had to google 'only day of year gives command.' Sad ;)! That is funny! Those lambs are so darling! Sorry for the M word, ouch. Did I mention those lambs are cute?! I just stared and stared at that first picture. Soooooo beautiful. Congratulations!

  3. Oh man! I, too, had to google it! The lambs must be SO CUTE to watch. Thanks for the pictures!

  4. Adorable! We start in two weeks, so we are in countdown mode. Only 6 mamas here, all confirmed thanks to shearing this weekend. I hope your mastitis days are behind you now.

  5. Just love those lambs!!!

  6. Well, if ewe mastitis is anything like human mastitis, those afflicted ewes have my UTMOST sympathy! All I got was "Take these antibiotics and keep nursing even though the pain sends you through the roof". Yowza!


  7. Well, I didn't have to Google it, I 'got' it as soon as I looked at the date of your post! ;)
    Love the 2013 lamb crop! What variety, love the spots but my favorites are the two little black sheep in the first photo!

  8. Oh, swoon. Lamb, lamb. Gah, gah. I hope all is going well. Happy spring.

  9. Baa Baa black sheep! So cute.


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