Tuesday, March 12

I'm Doing Another 30 Days of Yoga: Care To Join Me?

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Spring! What better time to let a new home yoga practice bloom?

Last May I announced that I was getting ready to do Marianne Elliott's 30 Days of Yoga and wondered if any of you wanted to join me. Several of you did, and it ended up being a really great experience. In fact, taking Marianne's course changed my life—and I never made it more than 15 minutes into my 45-minute yoga video (and that's okay!).

Marianne has just launched a new and improved course platform for the 30 Days of Yoga courses, making everything much easier to find, to follow, and to come back to over time. The first group courses for 2013 will start next Monday, March 18th, and I can't wait. (Registration ends March 17th.)

Have you been wanting to try yoga, or wishing you could get back into a regular yoga practice? 30 Days of Yoga is a lovingly crafted online course to help you develop and sustain a home yoga practice that adds self-care, kindness, and a greater sense of well-being to your daily life.

Marianne is an author, yoga teacher, courage cultivator, human rights advocate and consultant, as well as a former human rights lawyer in New Zealand and a United Nations peacekeeper in Afghanistan. She created 30 Days of Yoga for herself because she struggled with her own home yoga practice.

There are three different 30 Days of Yoga courses to choose from: the standard version (which I'll be doing), one for total beginners, and one for people who think they're too busy to do yoga. (There's also a course designed especially for curvy bodies. The next curvy yoga course will start on April 15th, and registration will begin on April 1st.) The standard version lets you choose from several different yoga practices to suit your needs and goals.

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Each course includes daily e-mails, live weekly group calls with Marianne, and weekly recordings from Marianne, plus additional special practices, and an e-book containing all the materials from the course. You can also connect with other people around the world who are making the same commitment via a private 30 Days of Yoga Facebook group, which you can remain a part of after you finish the course. And you can request a personal yoga buddy (I had two!).

By the end of my 30 days, I had made friends with wonderful, supportive people around the world, discovered inspirational music and websites, and was able to breathe more deeply than I had in 20 years (breathing is the foundation and most important part of yoga). I also lowered my resting heart rate by 20 beats per minute.

Doing 30 Days of Yoga was definitely some of the best money I've ever spent, and I think Marianne's new tagline for the course—"A Lifetime of Well-Being"—is perfect. I'm really looking forward to continuing my yoga journey this spring.

If you've ever thought about getting into (or back into) a home yoga practice, now is the right time (even though it may not feel like it!). I hope you'll consider joining me.

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  1. yoga saved me when my daughter was two and life was a shambles. I have gone back to it over and over in the intervening twenty-five years.

  2. Good for you Susan, especially lowering your resting heart rate!! :)


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