Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Dose of Cute: Time to Punch In

And Go to Work

Daisy is a Great Pyrenees livestock guardian. Her first loyalty is to her flock. Lucky Buddy Bear is an English/Australian Shepherd stock dog. His duties include everything from herding to babysitting to wool drying to breaking up barnyard brawls, and lambing season is by far his favorite time of year. He loves his sheep, but his first loyalty is to me (and Joe, when I'm not around). His heart, however, firmly belongs to Daisy. Fortunately she's pretty crazy about him, too.

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© Copyright 2009, the carefully guarded foodie farm blog where Daisy works with Marta, an almost two-year-old Great Pyrenees mix who has lately been carrying home hunks of carcasses discarded by deer hunters that she discovers while patrolling the woods. There's nothing that helps while away the work hours like gnawing on an enormous bone—and there's nothing that makes a guard dog look more vicious than having her face and paws covered in blood.


  1. They are so cute..good workers too! :D

  2. But clocking in infers that they clock out at some point. And they don't really ever clock out, do they? They deserve those decomposing deer bones.

  3. Love it. Having a little fun on the way to work!

  4. Just thought I'd let you know that the add RSS feed to Google Reader doesn't seem to be working.


  6. This is just the live action version of the old Warner Bros. cartoon, where Wile E. Coyote and the Sheepdog punch in for work. Wile E. spends his workday attempted to steal sheep, and the Sheepdog foils every attempt.

  7. i have been reading your blog for a while, learning a lot as i too begin my farm adventure. we have a great pyrenes as well as a newfoundland, but we lived in the city when we got sophie our puppy pyrenees. our newfoundland can run free but sophie takes off.

    i am greatful for your journaling of your days at the farm- it is very helpful.

  8. I thought of you this weekend as we adopted our Pyrenees mix dog through the local rescue organization. Carson is out here in my half acre suburban back yard helping to "guard" the kids while I read blogs. Warm regards from chilly North Florida.

  9. lol, looks like a rough day on the job!

  10. Too funny! Lucky Buddy Bear clocks in the same way a couple of my own English Shepherds clock in. Some of us start the day with coffee; Opie and Nicky's best days start off with a roll in something stinky.

    Hello to Lucky Buddy Bear from his distant ES cousins...


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