Wednesday, December 30

Wednesday Dose of Cute: Snow Day!

Not white enough for you? Bundle up and hunker down:
Snowstorms & Snowfall & Very Cold Hearts
Bear is on Alert No Matter What the Weather
I Said Show Business, Not Snow Business
Same Scene New View—My Favorite Hayfield Landscape
Molasses Ginger Spice Snaps Photo Shoot—The Whole Picture

Stock Dog Extraordinaire and Sheep Shearing Snow Delays
Winter, Take One
It's Never Too Cold for a Tummy Rub

Handyman Special
Saturday Was a Snow Day—And Doris Was Thrilled
Frozen Water Everywhere & Not a Drop To Drink
Snowed In, Day Six
Eco Art or Washed Up Junk?
Our Resident Weather Girls
Another Day, Another Ice Storm (Dan is Ecstatic)
Please Don't Step on My Heart
Snowed In More
A Rare Winter Sight—And Geese!
How Do Donkeys Order Lunch?
Seasonal Eating

Snowed In!
Lone But Not Alone
A Cold Breakfast Will Be Served in the South Pen
Moping Marta?
Icy Looks
Still Snowed In
Three Dog Sight
Daisy Off Duty
Being Watched
When Eating and Sleeping Schedules Collide
2/10/09: So Long, Snow
3/3/09: Little Beagle, Big Snowstorm
3/3/09: Just How Deep Was that Snow?
3/4/09: Food as Furniture
3/5/09: Last Snow Photo of the Season
12/25/09: It's White!

© Copyright 2009 the work hard, play hard foodie farm blog where the only thing better than watching two happy dogs romping around and wrestling together is watching them do it in freshly fallen snow. When my foodie mom—who is visiting from California for the holidays—saw the photo I'd put up as my computer desktop background (the 11th one above), she couldn't stop saying, "That picture of Bear and Daisy is so cute!" to which I replied, "That's why I couldn't stop at just one." Sometimes you simply have to post the whole series.


  1. Really sweet!

    Best wishes for 2010!



  2. So glad you did..they are so sweet! You have about as much snow as we do...not very much! I want 2 feet of the beautiful stuff! Have a great NEW YEAR...Come say hi :D

  3. What an adorable series of photos - I love how animals can become great pals just like people!

  4. Watching dogs play is my therapy. Never fails to make me feel better.

  5. They seem very happy! They must be kindred spirits.
    I am wondering if you and Joe did all the fencing yourself or hired help? You seem to have it all together there. We are just amazed at all the stuff that needs to be done here.

  6. I love how it looks like they're almost hugging in some of them! :)

  7. That Buddy Bear has got the best personality - he just charms girl dogs into his fan club! Proves even a shorter guy tall gal can find a deeper relationship! Happy New Year Susan, Hunky Farm Guy and Farmgirl's Mom - have a tasty snack or ten for us!

  8. Buddy is doing his best to win the heart of his beautiful white princess isn't he. Feats of strength and powers of persuasion. Whispers in her shell like ear. She at least sat down to listen to him in ernest. I think this could work out for the two of them.

  9. I do not expect a reply, as I can see by the animals and the food that your days are full!! Just wanted you to know that you are on my Bloglines and I so enjoy your photos and always smile. All the best to you and yours in 2010!
    Peg on 'green' Vancouver Island.

  10. Ditto what Peg said.

    I love your 'buy local' and organic outlook and approach to things. The efforts you put into this blog are much appreciated.

    It is now part of my daily connect to the wider world; and I'm even learning a thing or two about cooking =) (a lot actually - I stink but I try)

    Best wishes for a good year for you, Joe, and all the 4-legged friends, especially a full recovery for your neck(?) injury.

    Darcy in very white -25 Edmonton Alberta

  11. i just realized there is only 1 white dog. May I inquire as to what happened to the other one?
    It's great to see dogs playing.!! i have 3 dogs myself and the 2 bigger ones like to rump and stomp like that
    Happy New Year

  12. Oh, the body language! What sweet and playful dogs.

  13. Don't look now but one of your dogs is playing with a polar bear! I didn't know they had polar bears Missouri. LOL. One day you will download a video of their farm play!

  14. I LOVE seeing dogs play together. They are so awesome, and have so much fun.

  15. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for all the nice comments. I knew I couldn't be the only one who can't get enough romping dog photos. : )

    Hi Tonya,
    Oh, thanks for the laugh - and the wonderful thought that we actually have it all together here. Not even close - so don't feel bad. There is always a ton of stuff to do on the farm!

    As Joe puts it, owning a farm is a lifelong project. Nothing is ever truly finished because besides all the regularly scheduled work (like putting up hay in summer or cutting firewood in fall and winter), something is always needing to be replaced or repaired. And then there are the 'getting ahead' projects you dream of having the time and money to do. : )

    As for fencing, it's one of our biggest, um. . . headaches is the word coming to mind first, LOL. Talk about a neverending undertaking. Our perimeter fencing is either nonexistent or totally falling down, so we've been slowly working on that, along with making and fixing smaller pens around the barn.

    Last year we finally bit the bullet, scraped together a ridiculously huge sum of money, and hired a crew to come in and fence our front field - about 3/4 of a mile with 6-foot metal T-posts about every 8 to 10 feet and 10 strands of barbed wire. I've been meaning to write about it and share some pictures ever since (where does the time go? oh wait, fixing fence!) The big white guard dogs can still get in and out (they can get in and out of anything), but so far no sheep or donkeys have escaped from it. Yay!

    Next is the hayfield or our other big field, but both of those are even bigger than the front, so who knows when they'll get done. We'll never recoup our expense fencing that front field, but Joe was right - the peace of mind it brings knowing the sheep can't wander off a mile down the valley to the neighbor's cabin is almost worth it! :)

    Hi lej619,
    Not to worry - we still have Marta, and she's doing great. She's been looking like even more of a mess than usual lately, so she's shied away from the camera. A few months ago I realized that her full name is Marta Beast. Fits her perfectly. And what a foodie - she's always dragging home some giant bone or carcass she finds in the woods and then sitting around munching on it. Too funny. You'll find links to lots of Marta pictures here.

    Hi JennyMac,
    Ha - a polar bear, I love it! So perfect. I read your comment to my mom and when she looked back at the photos she said, Yep, polar bear! Thanks for the smile.

  16. I see that someone else beat me to the punch with the polar bear comment - but it's so apt! :-)

    Thank you for the delightful photo collection!

  17. So glad I found this site. I am sharing the pics with my own huge furry beasts sitting beside me here at the computer. (Saint and Newf) They enjoy the snow and frigid temps so much more than do I. Thank you for sharing and I know I will return.


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