Sunday, December 20

Sunday Farm Photo: Ice Sculpture

Temporary Art Installment (you'll find links to lots more farm art here)

A year of farm photos ago:
12/9/08: Three's Company
12/20/08: An All Natural Early Christmas Gift
12/21/09: What a Cold Heart

Two years ago:
12/14/07: Good Next Door Neighbors
12/16/07: Winter, Take One
12/17/07: It's Never Too Cold for a Tummy Rub
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Three years ago:
12/17/06: J2 with a Good View
12/18/06: Autumn Sunflowers
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Four years ago:
12/18/05: Weekend Cat Blogging—The Camera Never Lies
12/19/05: New Cat Isn't the Only One Fluffing Up for Winter
12/20/05: Farewell to Fall
12/21/05: Happy First (Snowy!) Day of Winter

And out of the kitchen came:
Molasses Ginger Spice Snaps
Cranberry Christmas Scones (tasty any time of year)
Lazy White Whole Wheat Scones with Currants and Oats
Italian Rosemary Raisin Bread (and bread bakery building progress)
My Experiments Baking That Now Infamous No-Knead Bread
Simple and Healthy Swiss Chard Artichoke Soup

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  1. I just love natural art. Beats the heck out of things that I look at and just don't understand. LOL
    Merry Christmas.


  3. I've got an ice picture Aimee took I need to post also. It is amazing how beautiful ice can be. Thanks for sharing your natural creation.

  4. Hey, that's beautiful. You know, there are often times when I have an idea for a post and never have a)the camera on me or b)the time to sit & create something and quite alot of times, my thoughts run parallel to yours. Only the other day, I spied a spent beer bottle, nestled artfully in the crook of a tree and I thought it would be clever to call it an 'art installation'! Well I thought it was neat anyway. What would you call that? Psychic blogging?

    Love the dog.



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