Wednesday, December 16

Wednesday Dose of Cute: Busted

Heat Seeking Missile Molly Doodlebug on a Pile of Still Warm Jeans

I love my laundry line and use it all year round. Line dried clothes and sheets always smell so nice and fresh. And since our dryer only seems to have one heat setting these days—flame—using a clothesline not only saves electricity but severe disappointment as well. Who knew it was possible to shrink all your favorite t-shirts in one five minute stretch?

Around this time of year, though, my hardheaded determination to avoid the dryer means that a mountain range of dirty laundry starts slowly taking over the bedroom thanks to endless days of rain and/or snow and/or temperatures down in teens. There's nothing more disconcerting than a flannel bedsheet hanging frozen and stiff on the line (just ask my confused California foodie mom who is always willing to help whittle down that annoying laundry mountain when she visits, no matter what the season).

And while I'd rather let the laundry pile up and simply dress from the bottom of our clothing storage tubs (The Shack has a grand total of one little closet) than take a chance turning my favorite tees to size extra extra small, once in a while a pile of towels or Joe's jeans does emerge warm from the dryer—and The Doodle is on it faster than you can say snuggle up.

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© Copyright 2009, the washed and somehow eventually dried foodie farm blog where clothes can get pretty dirty, pretty quickly. I do my best to get out stains, but I'm not a miracle worker—and most of the time it doesn't matter. I can be freshly laundered head to toe and after five minutes outside you'd never know it. Joe says our laundry goes by the sniff test rather than the looks test: it may not look clean, but that's okay as long as it smells clean.



  2. Laundry in the winter is a pain. Not just because of the fickle weather for drying outside, but because there as so many MORE clothes, with all the layers, and they're so heavy they take forever to dry. Plus, everything seems to get filthier, with all the mud and snow and ice around to dirty clothes up.

    But at least I have a dryer now. Even if it seems to lack some power and takes forever to dry clothes, it's still way better than hauling myself and my laundry to the laundromat. I don't miss those days AT ALL.

  3. your kitty is soooooo adorable, and yes clean and warm is the best!

  4. Oh my little shih tzu is the same way! He loves to snuggle on clean fresh smelling and hot laundry directly from the dryer. Right now since it is so cold I put his blanket in the dryer and get it hot and he stays inside of the blanket all morning until it is lunch time. Then he wants it warmed up for his afternoon nap! Can we say spoiled little sucker!

  5. Dear lord, you may be talking about your cat but you might as well be talking about my son. He loves putting on hot from the dryer clothes. And he would snuggle up in his blanket just as your cat. Mind you he is 14 and not exactly as small and cute as a cat.

  6. Someone needs a dryer for Christmas!

  7. Had to laugh when I saw this cat does the same thing! Cute!

  8. I love following your blog. Such great pictures and clever posts!
    I just wanted to add that my little dachshund also seeks out any warm laundry as well. He's even managed to jump into my laundry basket on occasion!

  9. I love the tight kitty curl with nose tucked into tail. Mine does the same thing, he's 12 and his old bones really don't like winter. Which might be why he turns into EXTRA velcro cuddle kitty in the colder months. ;)


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