Monday, December 21

Monday Dose of Cute: Howooooooooooooooo!

Solstice Celebration?

Happy First Day of Winter!

© Copyright 2009, the just passing through foodie farm blog where this feisty little wayward hunting hound (who is now safely back at home with the donkey peddling cowboy) was tied up on the bed of our old ton truck for her own good—she made the mistake of raiding Bear and Robin's dog dish on the kitchen porch at six o'clock in the morning, and they wanted to rip her throat out. Our beagle baby Robin may be 13 years old, but she's still up for a food fight.

Update: My apologies to anyone who was concerned by this photo. This hound is happy and healthy. Please see my comments below.


  1. Oh the poor thing! Look at her agony. Tell the bullies she is a wee thing and there is plenty of food for everyone.

  2. Poor baby! It's solstice...I'm sure she thought you'd prepared a big doggy feast and were wanting to share. ;)

    Amazing what those ol' dogs can do when their dinner is threatened, eh?

    Glad she is back safely where she belongs :)

  3. Hounds howl for anything or nothing! She is adorable - but taking food from another dog is dangerous for a human let alone a stranger dog!

  4. Oh oh...well lessons must be learned. And I feel about like her on the first day of winter! Come say hi :D

  5. She must be really singing a sad sad song.

  6. Are you sure she wasn't singing Christmas carols, like "O Holy Night"? She looks angelic here... What a funny picture!

  7. Poor little gal! Looks to me like she may be crying because her collar was too tight. Glad she's home now. :o)

  8. Maybe she's howling at the winter solstice because now the days will start to get longer (Okay, I know it will take a while 'til anyone can really notice :)

    This reminds me that our doggie likes to howl for just a couple of minutes in the evening (although we call it "singing").

  9. Hi Everybody,
    My apologies to anyone who was concerned by this photo. Please know that this little hound is perfectly happy and healthy. As LindaSueBuhl said, hounds will howl for anything and nothing - that's what they do.

    She was up on the truck for a very brief period to keep her safe from our dogs - and she howled nonstop because she could hear her fellow hounds barking in the woods (but our big white livestock guard dogs chased them off too fast for her to be let loose to catch up with them). Her howling was actually very comical, but that might not have translated well in my photo and brief description (and without sound!), especially if you're not familiar with running hounds.

    Also, for those of you concerned that she was starving, please know that the donkey peddling cowboy keeps very good care of his dogs and they are always well fed. These running hounds are naturally lanky and lean, and after a day or night of running through the woods they'll look drawn down.

    One of those collars is actually an expensive radio collar so the owner can track and quickly find her if she gets off course.

    We have hounds come through all the time, and while they're trained to just keep going after whatever they're chasing (usually coyotes), a lot of times when they arrive on our farm - which is miles from anywhere - they look around and decide they'd like to stay and rest up for a while.

    Usually they'll just curl up in the haybarn, but sometimes they sniff out food. And our dogs know the rule that we always follow - you can't ever feed them or they won't leave. Most hound owners will actually get mad if you do feed them. And as LindaSue also said, taking food from another dog is dangerous for a human, let alone a stranger dog.

    Not long after I snapped this photo, we drove this truck up into the woods to cut firewood and the little hound wandered happily around while we worked, getting along just fine with Bear since there was no food to fight over. Then her owner showed up, put her in the back of the truck with his other hounds, and took them home. : )

  10. I live along a river. We get coon hounds occasionally. I remember looking out the kitchen window one day to see some sort of creature lying in the driveway. It looked like a pile of bones. It was a big old coon hound, like you said they're lean and lanky. I put him in my horse trailer on a bed of straw, with water to drink. About an hour later the owner showed up, following the radio collar signals. I love having hounds out there convincing raccoons to stay as far away from my place as they can get, the little chicken-killing bandits.

  11. I love when my beagles howl. She looks like she's got something very important to say.

  12. I never knew these things about hounds. I learned something new!


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