Sunday, December 27

Sunday Dose of Cute: Poring Over Old Photos

Martha (who is now retired) and Her 2006 Twins (previously seen here and here)

Can't wait until lambing season starts in April? These might help:
Lambing Season 2006 Photos & Reports
Lambing Season 2006 Part 2
Lambing Season 2006 Part 3
Lambing Season 2007 Photos & Reports
Lambing Season 2007 Part 2
Lambing Season 2008 Part 1
Lambing Season 2008 Part 2
Lambing Season 2008 Part 3
Lambing Season 2009

Lambing Season 2009 Part 2

© Copyright 2009, the twins are twice as nice foodie farm blog where yep, this red wall is part of the old sheep barn. And yep, we've had a whole new Amish- and Joe-built sheep barn in its place for several months now. And yep, I still haven't posted any photos of the fabulous new structure. And nope, I have no idea what my problem is, except that I wanted to do a day-to-day series of photos so those of you who are interested could see the whole building process, and other stuff keeps getting prioritized ahead of that semi massive project—and I'm perpetually behind with pretty much everything. Thank goodness the actual construction didn't take anywhere near this long!


  1. I feel your pain! I'm in a nearly constant battle to not fall behind on stuff around here too. And I just bet that we're not alone in this! My motto: take care of the immediate, and get to the rest as time permits. It's easier on the mind and heart.

    Think Spring! (and lambing!)

  2. I for one can't wait till lambing season!! XX

  3. I'm perpetually behind on everything, too. Maybe we are assuming we can do too much?

    Adorable lambs!

  4. The old red barn is so beautiful (in an old-farm, weathered sort of way) that the new barn pictures can wait. Tis the season to catch your breath & rest before the wildness of lambing, spring planting, and wet-weather creek-crossing begins.

    As payment for these kinds words, please send scones, LOL!

  5. Hi Susan...

    Ok, now I know that I didn't miss pix of the new barn. Don't sweat it...I like the pix of lambs, cats, donkeys, dogs and pretty scenes better than a new building anyway (did I mention that I'm a burned-out architect?)....

    Wishing you and all residents of the farm a healthy, happy and peaceful 2010...

    best, Stephen

  6. Not even missing the new barn pix (at least...not until I saw that photo of the old one and got to wondering...) :-)

    I think it's always a good thing to have a project like that in the works...heck it gives you something to do in your down time (what's down time?)


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