Friday, December 25

Christmas Dose of Cute: It's White!

Lots more photos below. . .

Merry Christmas! Did you have a white one, too?

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© 2009, the snow-covered foodie farm blog where we haven't spotted any reindeer yet, but seeing a herd of flying donkeys soar through the hayfield was almost as magical.


  1. Looks like all bums accounted for in picture #7! Happy Christmas to you...ours wasn't white but sunny and bright...cheers...kerry

  2. We have about as much as you do...I'm waiting for 2 feet! :D

  3. What wonderful photos!

    Yes, we had a white one, too, here in CT.

    Happy holidays!

  4. What a darling post! I have enjoyed your blog for quite some time. The last photo of the "herd of flying donkeys" is just too cute. Have a wonderful New Year!

  5. Thank you for sharing the beautiful scenes from your farm.
    Warm wishes.

  6. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing your animals with me. Ours was a wet dreary day.

  7. Definitely NH. Love the animals!

  8. Merry Christmas (belatedly) Susan! From our farm to yours, we wish you peace and happiness in 2010. Liz (Ararat Acres, Anna Texas)

  9. GORGEOUS animals!

  10. Thank you so much for your blog! I have been checking in for about a year and love your posts and pictures.

    Wishing all of you on the farm a happy and healthy 2010.

  11. Just a wet Christmas. No snow here in the CA foothills. We had about 4 inches a few weeks ago and may get more soon. Beautiful photos!

  12. I swear that sheep is smiling in her closeup :D. Love it! Merry Christmas!!!

  13. I loved looking at your sheep and donkeys. They brought a smile to my face, and the snow on the farm is just beautiful. I miss the snow, and mostly at Christmas time. Here in the Houston Texas area it was a little cool around 60degrees. My husbands birthday is Christmas so we had alot to celebrate on Christmas Day. Keep the pictures coming. I really enjoy them.

  14. We did have a white Christmas this year. We got 14 inches of snow. That is very unusual for central Oklahoma. We normally get ice. My son, niece and nephew loved playing in it. Snow is so beautiful - so white and clean. Love your photos and blog. Thanks for sharing. I love Missouri. We visit several times a year. It looks beautiful where you live.

  15. so that first donkey picture, besides being smashingly adorable, has Christmas card photo written all over it.


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