Tuesday, October 2

Farm Photo 10/2/07: Love On The Rocks

I'm Still Finding Heart Shaped Rocks

Out of curiosity I did a quick count this morning and was surprised to find that my collection now includes well over 150 heart shaped rocks found on and around the farm. It's hard to believe that two and a half years ago I had less than twenty, though I'm not nearly as picky as I used to be.

Most of the hearts aren't perfectly shaped, but then again neither is life. And when grouped together it's obvious that they're all hearts. They range in size from about ten pounds (it marks the cat cemetery in the garden) to barely half an inch across. They're starting to take over the place.

I recently came across this big heart rock in the middle of the fenced pasture across from the barn. It was sitting there on the struggling grass and sheep pellets like a meteorite that had dropped out of the sky.

Want to see more?
You find lots more photos here, along with stories that help explain why a bunch of old rocks holds such a special place in my heart.

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  1. Inspired by you last summer, I started looking for my own heart rocks. My collection is about 60--and I find that some are strikingly heart shaped, but others look like hearts only when placed with other rocks that look like hearts. I think there's some sort of inspiration to be found there. Still mulling it over.

  2. wow! I am going to keep my eyes open for heart rocks now. I can't believe I haven't spotted one yet, and that my eyes have been closed to this phenomenon.

  3. How very wonderful your heart rocks are! I have a large rock collection and a few heart shaped ones grace it. I have lugged my rocks from So.Ca to Missouri. From Az to Ca. And from all points across the country. Something connects me to the rocks, the amazing colors and textures, the warmth and the coolness too.
    Your heart rocks are so special & so much fun. They must touch a chord in you. You weem to have been blessed with an abundance of them. Sort a special kind of blessing, lifting you up and giving you a solid reminder. Life is mysterious,wonderful,sad,exciting. All of these things, thanks for sharing your heart, on the rocks :)

  4. I love rocks - geology wise and for their beauty. Do you have any plans for your collection?

  5. What a sweet post, FG. Those rocks are a sign that you're supposed to be where you are, doing what you love... :-)

    I, too, have a cat cemetary; my mom's kitty graveyard has many a stone in it. We mostly make "Poetry Stones" for our cats with names/dates and put them on the graves and also interestingly-shaped rocks, catnip/wild irises, and maybe even a kitty nametag or old horseshoe or dish we find around the property. >^..^<

  6. I have a heart rock collection too!

  7. I love your farm photos! Have you thought about entering this contest?


  8. I had never heard of a heart rock collection. But after seeing yours I will now be on the look out for them. How wonderful to have found so many. I also wanted to thank you for sharing these pictures, recipes and stories.

  9. Farmgirl, nothing specific on this post other than I just found you and I love the heart rock collection. I collect rocks from all the places I travel instead of buying tshirts or knick-knacks. Was excited to see another gal like me out there. Also, I was looking for a wheat bread recipe out there and I came across your beer bread...that is how I originally found your site. If you have any good "old-timey" wheat bread recipes to share I would love to try them out. Thanks, I will definitely be checking back into the blog more frequently now...

  10. Hi Everybody!
    Thank you all for taking the time to write. It's always so wonderful to hear your personal rock stories.

    Hi Bridgett,
    I love that my heart rock collection inspired you to start your own. And it's so big already! I know what you mean about some of them looking heart shaped only when they're with other heart rocks. What's neat is when their imperfections actually make them go together better--like when there's a little chunk missing from the side of one, which makes it fit into the rock next to it and looks as though you did it on purpose.

    Hi C(h)ristine,
    I wish I could remember which heart rock I found first. I know I found it here on the farm. I do remember I found three in fairly rapid succession, and they were pretty big and all similarly shaped. I lined them up on a windowsill at the barn, and they're still there (click here), though Donkey Doodle Dandy has a habit of knocking them to the ground. At least I think it's him!

    I bet that now that you know about heart rocks, you'll start finding them all over the place. Just look at Bridgett--she found 60 in a year! Have fun! : )

    Hi Andylynne,
    Your rock collection sounds wonderful. I love that you collect them from all over and carry them with you.

    I definitely see my heart rocks as solid reminders--I simply find too many right at very special/poignant/significant moments to believe differently. They certainly do touch a chord.

    Most of mine live on a stone ledge built into an outside wall of The Shack, next to the front door. They're piled and stacked together, all shapes and sizes, and seeing them always makes me feel so good. : )

    Hi Segolily,
    I love all kinds of rocks, too. I also collect larger flat rocks to use in the yard and garden. As for my heart rock collection, I don't have any specific plans for it except to enjoy looking at it--and to keep letting it grow! Since the rock ledge I mentioned above is pretty much full, I've started tucking them in various places around the farm, and it's so neat to come across them during the day.

    Hi Miss Kitty!
    I think you're right about the heart rocks being a sign. I can't tell you how many times I've been out for a walk or doing chores and found myself questioning what the heck I'm doing or where things are going or whatever, and then I look down and find a heart rock waiting for me--often before I've even finished the sentence in my head.

    Your cat cemetery sounds wonderful. I love the idea of the Poetry Stones. What a special little place it must be. : )

    Hi Jessica,
    Yay, another heart rock collector! : )

    Hi Talitha,
    How funny. I just read about that contest somewhere the other day, but when I saw the titles of the categories I didn't think I had any photos that would fit. Thanks for the link--now that I've read more about it, I think I just might be able to come up with a photo or two to enter. I definitely have photos of "pastured grazing!" : )

    Hi Jean,
    I bet that like C(h)ristine, now that you've learned about heart rocks, you'll simply start finding them. At least I hope you do! There certainly can't be too many heart rock collectors in the world. Happy hunting! And thanks for the thank you--you're quite welcome. : )

    Hi MagQ
    Collecting rocks as souvenirs from your travels is a brilliant idea. And as far as a wheat bread recipe, your timing couldn't be better. As I type this I have two loaves of a wheat bread recipe I've been working on for this week's article at A Year In Bread. (To learn more about A Year In Bread, click here.) Hopefully the post will be up Friday. Until then, you might enjoy the recipe Beth wrote about this month, Honey Wheat Berry Bread.

  11. I think the land is trying to tell you something? It hearts you. :)

  12. Ilove rocks also and yours are so neat. when my dents died several years ago I took some rocks from their yard for my husband to cherish. please come by and set aspeel with me at Daisy bouquet. mary

  13. Love your heart collection. :)

  14. What a great collection. My daughter started a collection for me when she was 5, she is 9 now. It's something special that just us share. She finds them everywhere! I've even seen her sit in a pile of gravel my hubby had delivered, looking for heart rocks. It's an amazing hobby and I know when she gives me a rock, it holds a very special place in our home. I use them to decorate every shelf, table, corner, etc., that I can find. Right off the top of my head I know we have about 3 dozen. But if I really get counting, I bet there's more.

  15. On a recent garden tour I thought of you and your heart rocks. Here was my inspiration:

    Last year in a river in Montana, I found a heart rock as well and brought it home for my honey. I'm glad I'm not the only one that collects heart rocks.

  16. I love reading your blog it's very inspiring at times and sad at other times, which is how life is. I love your heart rock collection. Today I took my first walk after several years of being ill and I took my camera. For some reason I happened to look down and there was my first heart rock, small but it brought tears to my eyes. It was a sign that I am getting better and I was meant to start walking outside today. Thank you

  17. I have beautiful little rice paper covered box of heart shaped rocks, which I've saved after receiving it as a favor at a friends wedding. Her mom lived on the beach and would collect them on nightly walks, and decided that they made the right statement about love and life and shared them. She gave a wonderful speech at the wedding about their imperfections and their beauty. I had never heard of such a thing, but now I'm always on the look-out for them myself when I'm on a beach or a river. I love your collection, and I think its great that you're building it!

  18. You have an very good photographic eye. Apparently attached to your camera as well. These are some Excellent shots. Your blog is very unique. I have already bookmarked this puppy. In a past life I was a photographer, so I can appreciate the effort.

  19. I too have a collection of heart shaped rocks, then I started thinking maybe we have rock shaped hearts because surely rocks came first!!! I came to this conclusion when looking a my very large rock shaped like New York State and I figured the rock is way older than New York so really New York is shaped like the rock. Anyway....glad to know others are looking for the hearts!


  20. Wonderful! I see hearts and faces everywhere I look. :) Maybe I'll keep the next heart-shaped rock that I find~ I love seeing them as a collection. Thank you for sharing such bits of loveliness!

  21. Do you believe that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? I hope so because I love heart-shaped things but don't collect them because most of the stuff is a bit..."twee," you know? I love rocks too and have a lot around my garden. Now you've got me thinking I'm going to start looking for heart-shaped ones because, as you've shown, if you just look around for a little love, it's always there.




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