Tuesday, October 16

Farm Photo 10/16/07: A Beautiful Autumn Scene

That's Our Dan!

There's nothing like an October morning on the farm. Changing leaves, grazing sheep. . .and a little donkey blissfully rolling around in the dirt.

Want to see more?
You'll find lots of other Donkey Doodle Dandy photos
here. And the story of how Dan came trotting into my life is here. There are more farm landscape photos (with and without a donkey in them) here.

A year of Farm Photos ago:
10/13/06:A Lucky Little Something For Friday The 13th (And she's doing just fine, by the way--all grown up and as sweet as can be.)
10/14/06: Freshly Picked Fall Color & A Green Tomato Relish Reminder (My recipe is more like a salsa, oh-so-easy-to make, and the perfect way to use up all those green tomatoes in the garden.)
10/15/06: Lucky Buddy Bear On Garden Guard Duty

Two years ago:
10/12/05: I'm Addicted To Our Walks Through The Woods
And just like this year (and last), I'd Fallen Behind
10/13/05: Autumn From A Different Angle
10/14/05: Dan & His New Charges
10/15/05: Dan's Opinion Of His New Charges
10/15/05: WCB#19 New Cat On The Car Roof
10/16/05: It's A Hard Rock Life For Us
10/16/05: WDB#5 Evening Roundup
There was also The Tail Of Uncle Dan

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  1. [singing] Can't...help...lovin' that Dan of miiiiiiiine--ummm, FarmGiiiiirl's.

    Awesome donkey pictures lately, FG. Thanks for the update. And wasn't there some sort of special news about him you were going to tell us? Or have I been under the proverbial rock these days & missed it?

  2. oh my god I thought you guys shot something and left it headless....

  3. Beautiful moment. There's nothing like farm animals to make us laugh out loud. I enjoyed my visit.


  4. Oh, Donkey Dan! You are invited to roll around in the dirt of my dreams tonight... maybe I'll be happier about waking up than I was today. The good and simple things are just the ticket in times of mental muck!

  5. What a great picture of Donkey Dan on a roll, and you've just made my morning so much brighter with this picture. :)

  6. What a great photo! Haha! He looks like a very happy little donkey!

    Arielle :)

  7. Forget a dog's life - I think I'd rather have a donkey's life. Plus, I bet that is a very effective method for back scratching. I mean, I can barely get to all the spots with the door frame (yes, I'm one of *those* people).

    Perhaps I'll start rolling in the yard.

  8. Silly little donkey! :)

  9. Oooh, what a lovely donkey. It's lovely seeing him have a jolly good roll :)
    I'm loving your blog and am slowly working my way through it. I came to it via your breadmaking tips and now my bread is totally fab. Thank you :)

  10. Love the picture of DDD. You were certainly in the right place at the right time! I love the sheep in the backround who pay him no attention.

  11. What a fun picture! You made my day! Thank you!

  12. Nothing like a good back scratch to set the world rigt. Dan is oviously on the right path. I love your photo. Beautiful place, happy Donkey!

  13. This proves why you should always have a camera strapped around your neck.

  14. How blissful, Susan! I can't wait for you to publish a big book of these farm photos (along with your gorgeous farm recipes of course!)

  15. That photo made my day. Thanks Dan and Susan!

  16. What a wondeful and cute photo. I am new to your blog. I am realy enjoying it.
    God bless

  17. Love the picture of Dan!

  18. Enjoyed the pictures of Dan. I really enjoy visiting your site. I always find something on the site that makes me smile.


  19. I love that picture! Dan seems to be having fun ;-P!



  20. I'm a bit late seeing this awesome picture but the old triple D has made my day...a huge grin from ear to ear upon seeing him reveling in the dirt!

    Did I mention that Donkey Dan is my number one fav on the farm?

  21. Love the donkey! They are such fun animals, arent't they? Your photos are beautiful too.


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