Sunday, October 21

Farm Photo 10/21/07: A Flash Of Brilliance

Hint Of Fall Color On The Ridge Above The Farm

I took this photo back on the 8th, when it seemed like nearly all the trees around here were determined not to give up their green this year. But a few days ago some much needed rain nudged them toward their autumn duties, and the true colors of the season are finally showing through. It always amazes me how quickly the entire landscape can change. We're still having warm days in the 80s, though, so now everything looks right but feels weird.

Is autumn happening correctly in your part of the world?

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  1. The drought has been bad in Alabama this year and that's messing with our fall weather. Although, in Alabama, "fall" can start anywhere from September to December. Some days it feels like fall, but the trees around here have been half dead for so long...I'm going to have to head for the mountains to find any color. So I'll live vicariously through you. :)

  2. 80 today in central Ohio.

    Not much color on the trees, seems that the leaves are just slowly drying up and falling off.

    Looks like we will not have our first frost (even out in the country) until November.


  3. Hi there Susan. For a change, our Season is bang on with wonderful Autumn mists and woody flavours in the air (see my photo yesterday for a flavour). Truly my favourite time of the year.

    But, as they say, stick around ... who knows what kind of 'Winter' we're in for. :-)

  4. Early autumn on Vancouver Island has been much windier and wetter than usual. We don't normally get this weather until late November. But the colder weather has brought lovely colours on the trees.
    Our summer was as wet as the fall though, so we weren't that surprised. It doesn't bode well for the winter here.

  5. Definitely not normal here in Ohio. We've held steady in the mid 70s for the past 3 weeks. Nights are cooler, in the 50s and even one night in the 40s. Boy am I wishing my fall plantings had made it through the drought and bugs and bunnies. I have nothing growing except the first crop of chard chugging along. Seems such a shame with such warm weather!

  6. I had snow in here yesterday! And there are still plenty of fall colors on the trees, which made it so strange for me. But then, I'm 6,000 ft above sea level...

  7. We were just saying that the surrounding peach orchard usually is already quite golden and the leaves dropping,fully carpeting the ground, make it look magical. But this year, they are just barley halfway there and not looking as if they want to loose them all! The temps for today and tomorrow are suppose to be 80! We have been in the upper 60's the first of the month and now...well, Indian summer! Not that it is an unsual thing for Northern California...October and November are the best times to visit San Francisco because the weather isn't usually foggy, the sun is out and you can even have days of 80, like today!

  8. What a beautiful view! We're in KS and still working on 'Fall';-). I love reading your posts btw...thanks!

  9. Let's see is Autumn happening properly here?

    Well I live in Fl, so I think most of the nation is experience a Florida "autumn". But yes, the heat isn't quite as unbearable, the nights are actually comfy, and everything is green or brown.

  10. For a while it felt like fall, but looked like summer. Now it looks like fall and feels like summer.

    I finally gave up trying to coordinate my clothes with the season and just wore flip-flops with my wool sweater, made a roast in the crock-pot and drank a beer in the backyard.

    I'm creating my own season called, "Flip-flops with everything and stay out of my business."

  11. Well, here in Texas we never get much in the way of fall color. We woke up this morning to temps in the 70's, but a our first front blew in just before noon and we are now sporting about 55. My very excited kids have already built a fire in the fireplace! Yes, we are silly.

  12. In the 80's! Wow. We (Idaho) were 35 last night and are 57 today. I would love a bit of 80 weather warmth!

  13. Hi Everybody,
    I'm really enjoying reading about your autumn weather. Thanks so much for taking the time to write!

    Hi Deborah,
    I had no idea until I moved to Missouri how much the rainfall in summer affects the autumn colors. Every year the newspaper reports the prediction from the forest service or conservation dept. or whoever it is regarding what kind of leaf peeping season we'll have. They said it wouldn't be all that spectacular this year, and they're right. Though it's still always pretty.

    Hi Yellow Dog,
    Yeah, we broke a heat record with an official 79 yesterday, but our thermometer said it was up in the 80s.

    Today I was noticing that a lot of the big trees I remember in past years as having particularly brilliant fall colors are pretty much just going straight to brown. Definitely odd.

    I realized the other day that we'd passed our official first possible frost date of October 15th without my even noticing. Of course you never know around here--we could have a hard frost by Wednesday.

    Hi B.,
    Oh, the photo you posted on Betty Western is gorgeous. But you know I love the pig pics even more. And that hedgehog! It's always nice to know there's at least one critter we don't have to contend with in the garden. ; )

    Hi Kate,
    Great to hear from you. Sounds like you're the only one having a real live autumn so far! Maybe the winter won't be too bad. *fingers crossed*

    Hi Kelly,
    We had a couple of cold snaps, too, but then it kept heating back up. I hear you on the fall plantings. I did get quite a few different greens seeded, and they've actually been thriving in the warm weather. But I didn't get around to starting any lettuce, and I kept telling myself it was too late, too late, when it really wasn't. But you never know of course. I'm thankful for what I do have, though my beloved Swiss chard seems to be growing soooo slowly. : )

    Hi EMWK,
    Snow already? Yikes. I had no idea you're at such a high elevation. I think you should change your blog name to East Meets West Meets Sky Kitchen. ; )

    I laughed when I read your comment because you said "we had snow in here yesterday" and since during rainstorms it always rains in various places inside The Shack, I immediately pictured it snowing inside your house!

    Hi Bee,
    It's so nice to hear a weather update from my old stomping grounds. One of the things I love about having taken so many photos of the farm since I started blogging is that it gives me this wonderful time frame reference as to what's been going on when each year. Otherwise I'd never be able to remember things like when those peach trees (of which I'm so envious!) normally lost their leaves. : )

    Hi Sherry,
    Thanks so much. I like the phrase "working on fall." That's definitely what it's felt like here this month.

    Hi Courtney,
    Love your Florida autumn description. Sounds like what we've been having up until now. Of course come January you'll probably be still be comfortable and we'll be bundled up in polarfleece (not that that's such a bad thing) lugging firewood into the house and freezing our butts off, LOL. ; )

    Hi Finny,
    What?! No pie in your new season? I'm shocked! As always you crack me up.

    Hi Julie,
    I love it! Three cheers for being silly--and the first fire of the season!

    Hi Segolily,
    I think your cool weather blew in with a rainstorm today. It's supposed to get down into the low 40s tonight and only up into the 50s tomorrow. "Unseasonably cool" they're calling it, but it sounds like normal fall weather to me.

    Today the UPS guy came by and I mentioned how it suddenly felt like fall. Then he opened the door of his truck and I exclaimed, "You're still wearing your shorts!"

    "I won't be tomorrow!" he said. Then he told me that yesterday he'd been out on the tractor bushhogging in the heat all day.

    "It's weird here," I said.

    "It certainly is," he agreed.

  14. Hi Susan,
    I live in Missouri too, and we have lilacs, honeysuckle and forsythia in bloom! (You can see pix on my blog for 'proof' ;-). Its been a crazy year, first the ice storm, then a hard freeze in late Spring, drought in July and August and now a Springish-Fall. However things have begun to change to more 'normal' here in the last few days. As always I enjoy your blog! Tammy

  15. Our fall is hitting with a bang... 80 degrees on Sunday and 49 yesterday! Ouch! I think that the leaves turned colors overnight!

  16. Hi there-

    It has been uncomfortably warm and humid here in Md...but looks like we are finally getting some cooler weather soon. Fall colors are not as good as usual, which could be due to the drought we have had, the unseasonably warm weather...or who knows? As I am a creature of habit who loves the crystal blue skies and crisp air of our usual autumn, I am a bit put out by all this. Oh well...maybe a good reason to visit VancouverIsland!!

  17. The rumors of autumn here on the southeastern coast of the USA, have been greatly exaggerated. It was 85 here today and I have tomatoes and okra still growing on the vines. It's just too warm for me!

  18. high 80's in East Bay area (specifically Berkeley) today... I think this is the hottest October I have experienced. Usually the Indian Summer thing would only go into mid October at most... The colors here are all wacked, but then again, autumn has not been a beautiful thing to behold in this area in particular :)


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