Friday, October 5

Farm Photo 10/5/07: Staredown

She's A Tough Fluff

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  1. What a badass. I love it. Makes me want lamb stew for that wrong? ;)

  2. Oh my goodness...just look at that adorable face...she's definitely one sassy sheep! :-)

  3. Hey, I have a feeling we are "neighbors"--greetings from Ironton.

    Love your blog--I used to have suffolks, but right now, just 20 chickens, 2 Aussies and a rat terrier.

  4. Love stopping by to get my "sheep fix" !! Adorable photo!

  5. I love the little puff on that mean little head of hers! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  6. Hello Farmgirl,
    Long time no chat.. I still have your heart rock on my desk waiting to be shipped -- hopefully soon I can send it.

    Maybe I should try your way of doing things -- every couple of days/weeks. Often am just feeling overwhelmed.

    My neighbor borrowed a BILLY goat to court his girls (5 of them?! we are going to have a yard full of babies next year) -- you never ever mentioned how funny it can be to watch boy goats or sheep "court" the gals.

    Does that fluffy face girl you showed get to have her turn at motherhood next spring too?

    Heather = lost but not forgotten!

  7. A few comments are leading me to believe that people seem to think this is Cary. Which was my first question. Is this grown up beauty in fact your sweet little Cary?

  8. Too cute! I've always loved sheep. A wonderful snapshot.

    I absolutely love your blog! Must bookmark.

    Simply Furkids

  9. Hi Amanda,
    Yeah, she really is a little badass. A sweetheart, but a badass. Feisty, too. The other day I picked her up and was carrying her down the driveway to a little pen. I'd scooped her up and was holding her under her front legs, with her back legs hanging down. Her head was right below me, and I kept trying to rest my chin on that irresistible puff of wool on the top of her head. Boy, she just had a little fit, kicking and twisting and trying to get loose.

    She's definitely not one of the cuddlers. ; )

    As far as lamb stew, I'm depending on you to post an incredibly mouthwatering recipe for it on Figs Olives Wine this winter. I'm sure you must have one! Of course this little darling won't be going into any stewpots. She's the best looking ewe lamb born on the farm this year, so I'll be keeping her to breed. As long as she doesn't get too out of line, LOL.

    Hi Belinda,
    She's pretty darn adorable, that's for sure. But sassy is a good word to describe her, too!

    Actually, she's one of those subtle tough girls. Yesterday morning we had all of the sheep crammed in this little pen attached to the barn so we could catch each one up and give it a wormer shot under the arm (not one of our favorite jobs, especially when it's still hot and humid and in the mid 80s in October!).

    At one point Joe was holding (or trying to hold) Silly Wendy, who is not a little girl, and somehow Silly Wendy ended up sitting on top of this little fluff (whom I might name Dolly--it's the 'D' year, but I'm still not sure; it suits her but I keep thinking there's a better name out there for her). Anyway, we watched her try four or five times to quietly yank her little body out from underneath Silly, but she couldn't do it. So she just settles back down like everything's fine, and then when Silly finally gets off her she gives her this total death stare. Joe even said something about it. It was hysterical.

    Hi Sparrow,
    Greetings right back at you. It's always nice to hear from someone in Missouri. So I'm thinking your 20 chickens probably terrorize the rat terrier, or maybe that's only something my chickens would do. ; )

    Hi Strawberry Lane,
    Thanks so much. Glad I could fix you up. : )

    Hi EMWK,
    She's definitely a cutie. Though of course I don't recall a single sheep I've ever had that I didn't think was cute. We do cute very well around here. : )

    Hi Cindy,
    I swear that wooly puff on her head seems gets bigger by the day. Her mother has the fluffiest head of any sheep I've owned; by the time shearing season rolls around you can barely see her eyes. I think this little girl is on her way to becoming even fluffier!

    How great to hear from you. I bet those baby goats are going to be adorable. You're definitely right--watching the sheep during breeding season can be really funny. Last year Studly Do-Right Jefferson kept disappearing up into the woods with two girls at a time!

    We're going to put him in with the girls in a few days, and everybody is ready. Every day a different ewe hangs out next to his pen instead of going out and grazing with the flock. At night when it's tuck-in time, we can barely drag them away from him. The other night I actually let one sleep in a little pen next to him. She refused to go into the barn with the other sheep, and it was like she'd completely lost her mind. She just kept staring at Studly with this dreamy look on her face. Moving her into the pen was like trying to direct somebody in a trance. It was so funny. Then the next morning, she still didn't want to come out and join the flock, but eventually she got hungry and asked to be let out. : )

    As far as the lamb in this photo, she's only 5 months old, so we won't breed her until next year.

    Hi Anne,
    Nope, this isn't Cary. And she isn't grown up yet, either, though I didn't realize until reading your comment that you can't really tell from the photo just how small she is. Plus her head looks big with all that fluff. : )

    She was actually the last lamb born this year--not until May, a whole month after the second to the last one. She isn't the smallest lamb anymore, though, as she is growing like crazy and has a nice sturdy build. Right now she's probably only about 40 pounds, maybe a little more. It's hard for me to judge, especially if they don't like to be picked up and squirm all over like she did when I was carrying her the other night. : )

    Cary, on the other hand, is all grown up and I promise I will post an update and some new photos soon. I took some great ones the other day, so I'll put them up instead of the favorite I took back in July and have been meaning to post ever since!

    Hi Kimberly,
    Glad you enjoyed the photo. Thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to write.


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