Tuesday, October 30

Farm Photo 10/30/07:
Halloween Construction Zone

All Natural Decorating

Want to see more?
You'll find other spiderweb photos

A year of Farm Photos ago:
10/30/06: Ram! Bam! Look Out, Ma'am! (Now this is highly ironic, since that very same ram, Mr. Studly Do-Right Jefferson himself, rammed the heck out of me just a few hours ago. Bullseye to the left butt cheek. I was nudging sweet Zelda, who was blocking the barnyard gate, and apparently Studly Jeff decided I was messing with one of his girls. Ouch! Up until now he's been very mild mannered, but when he's focused on his One And Only Job, you gotta watch out.)

Two years ago:
10/30/05: Tail End Of This Year's Fabulous Fall Colors
10/30/05: Bear Would Take A Tummy Rub Over A T-Bone Any Day

And out of the kitchen came Five Things To Eat Before You Die

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  1. Oh, I love that spider! We were joking that we didn't need to put up any fake spider webs for Halloween, we had enough real ones. :-)

  2. What a gorgeous photo! I love watching spiders build their webs. Take care!

  3. braaaagh haaaaa haaa ha. You don't need to decorate for the big day. He is a wonderful spider, he can come spin his web outside my door any time.

  4. Okay...I am slowly making my way through your blogs and have decided I need to just come live with you on your beautiful farm, help you tend the vegetable gardens and the animals, and drool while you teach me to cook with fresh organic food you produce yourself. Although I have 2 (almost) grown girls and a husband, my parent's are dead...will you adopt me??

  5. We have been overwhelmed (or would that be overwebbed?) this year - ginormous webs everywhere! To walk down paths we take along a stick to clear down webs (lovely to look at - repulsive on the face!) Sorry about the butting (does that make Studly a buttinski?) we don't have that "one and only job" getting done here (immature buck - not all bad). Too long a post - sorry - LOVE the picture - you are an excellent photographer.

  6. GREAT photo!!!! The light is perfect and the subject is awesome. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  7. Now, how did that spider know it was Halloween and that he would be the photo of the day???

  8. First time visitor to your site--wonderful photos & writing--

  9. i love to look at the webs - like most people - and bugs!

    we have to go through a tunnel to get to the lake near our home. the tunnel is a walking path, well lit, and you can imagine the webs that are wove near the lights

    i was told that the perfectly symetrical webs means the spider is sane. the crazy webs are schizophrenic! much fun!

  10. Charlotte, I assume?

  11. That's my boy!

    -Studly Jeff The Human

  12. Very cool!
    Is that spider as big as it looks in this picture (the size of a silver dollar) or is the zoom working well?

  13. It's amazing how much our lives parallel--I live on a farm; I have goats (that chase trucks!); our cat hisses at everything!; and we have a HUGE spider I named Charlotte. The only thing I can't do is bake your wonderful bread! :)
    You have snow which makes me jealous, but I'll get over it. Love your blog; your photos are fun.


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