Monday, April 13

Monday Dose of Cute: Chick Days Are Here Again!


Current Lamb Count: Still 13. Newly hatched baby chicks so far: 7. Number of chicks alive and peeping: 5. Number of mother hens: 2. More photos and an update soon.

Need to see more chick pics now?
2008 baby chick photos
Links to the 2007 baby chick chronicles: Whitey gets her wish!

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  1. My son raised and showed poultry in 4-H for 12 years. On one hand, I really miss the babies this time of year. On the other hand, because they were incubated in the house, I don't miss the fine feather dust that settled over everything. I'll just look at your pictures and reminisce. (That baby doesn't look like its real momma is the red hen.)

  2. Oh, the cuteness!

    I love coming here for my daily dose of sugar--it beats raiding my kid's Easter baskets. :^)


  3. A fundamental difference between you and me, Susan: You only post cute photos and stories of lambs and chicks. I explain how we dispatched a rooster and why we shouldn't get attached to boy lambs. Harsh, that's me . . .

  4. Hi Susan~
    That baby chick is so precious! (I am so redundant, aren't I?) Honestly, your animals and the photos make my day!! Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

    (Have I told you how much I LOCE your blog? Thanks again!)

  5. *sigh, none of my little dearies have gone broody yet! I am hoping one does soon! I want chicks again :) I may have to resort to the feed mill soon....

  6. How is it that chickens can give you a LOOK that says "Touch my chick and you'll be sorry?"

  7. My goodness~ The baby is adorable~

  8. I think my exact response was AHHH!!!! CUUUUTTTEEEE!

    I am awaiting my first chickens and in the mean time am having issues with patience hehehe.

  9. I think that is one of the best pictures you have ever featured on your site! Too cute!! I hope you are getting some rest :)

  10. So cute and fluffy. I miss having baby chicks.

  11. I cannot believe how CUTE that picture is!!! I can't take it - it is just TOO CUTE!

  12. I have to go vegan after seeing this one...why do they have to grow up?!


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