Thursday, April 30

Thursday Dose of Cute: Reading Lesson

See Spot.

See Spot Run.

Current Lamb Count: 19. Ewe lambs: 15. Ram lambs: 4. Total number of ewes who have given birth so far: 14. Sets of twins: 5. Number of first time mothers (who all did a fabulous job): 4. Number of previously 'proven' ewes who were bred but, much to our surprise, didn't seem to get pregnant this time around: 2 (though there's still a slim chance they might be). Number of pregnant ewes left: Except for the two just mentioned, we're done! (We cut way back this year, but don't worry, the lambing photos and reports aren't over yet.)

© Copyright 2009, the mostly literate foodie farm blog (not all of us read around here) where after cracking up over these captions for the last couple of days (I'm very easily amused), I'm now wondering how many people will actually get this dated reference. Did you have fun with Dick and Jane?


  1. Oh yes, I remember Dick & Jane. As soon as I read "See Spot" I knew what came next! I love your humor, your blog and your great photos.

  2. Love Crazy Daisy, love the lambs, love the blog, (even love Dick & Jane), but especially love that you share so much of your farm life with the rest of us.

    Thank you so much!!!

  3. I just saw a compilation of Dick and Jane books at the library. Apparently, they're trying to revive them for the newest generation.

  4. It's like the pop-up book Where's Spot?

  5. Is it me, or is that a heart shaped spot?

  6. You BET I remember "Dick and Jane" (and Spot)! I was taught reading with them many moons ago...

  7. For those who don't know or remember 'Dick, Jane and Spot', well darn, I'm just sorry for you!!

    I cracked up the moment I read 'see Spot'.............just too funny!!

  8. My kids (9 and 5) learned to read with Dick and Jane. I don't think they ever went away. They are so fun and simple (and hilariously dated).

  9. Oh, look.
    Look and see.
    Oh, see.


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