Tuesday, April 14

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Too Cute for Words?

Apparently She Is, Because I Can't Seem to Come Up With a Caption

Current Lamb Count: 13. Baby Chick Count: 6. Number of massively purring black cats taking up my entire lap and then some while I'm sitting here trying to type: 1.

© Copyright 2009 FarmgirlFare.com, the back in black foodie farm blog where there's a good chance BB's twin girls will remain jet black since BB is a true black sheep (though her wool used to bleach in the sun to brown and now tends to grow out as grey after being sheared) and her babies are half Katahdin, a breed of hair (as opposed to wool) sheep whose beautiful colors don't tend to fade. Yes! You know I love the black sheep best—except for Cary of course (who is doing just fine).


  1. What a cutie! I tell ya, the babies and the flowers are the best part of Spring.

  2. What an absolute litte darling! I want to hug and kiss her.

  3. Awww, I want to nuzzle her ears! All the lambs have been so adorable.

  4. OK I've always been prejudiced about baby animals - feeling my goat kids were superior to sheep - but this one - ahhhh the little black beauty may have won the contest - absolutely adorable and how fun she might stay that color - yep - for not being able to think of words - we can sure run on about cuteness!

  5. I just passed out from cuteness. I NEED THAT LAMB!

    The last time I passed out from cuteness on your site was that little tiny turtle in the strawberries. I need that turtle too.

  6. So precious! I found you in Country Living and am so excited to keep up with your menagerie.
    Give that purrball in your lap a chin scratch for me.
    Best wishes,
    Carrie the SnipPet Girl

  7. Is this a giveaway post?? I'm ready to come get this adorable creature and love it, and feed it, and hug it, and take care of it like it was my very own!! :) I think I'm going to cry from the cuteness!!

  8. That is the cutest one yet! I want some of that fleece to knit with. Will it always be black?

  9. I am in love!!!!!

  10. We're discussing moving way out and starting a farm. Livestock were never anything even remotely open since neither of us wanted them, but after seeing this picture I might change my mind!

  11. Dear Susan

    I seldom comment but just had to say that it appears your life is run by your animals (pets), just as mine is.
    Ain't it wonderful?


  12. So cute! I am in luv! Can I have her?

    BTW, I have been thinking of getting some chickens for my back yard. I have been reading about a deep litter method of keeping the hen house and run. Do you have any thoughts on that? It seems rather unsanitary, but all birds are really unsanitary in any case, so maybe it doesn't matter.

  13. Typically, I'm more of a puppy and chicks kinda gal. I mean, while lambs are cute, they're not *puppy or chick cute* to me.


    But, typically, I don't see all black lambs. And now, I have to reverse my whole *cute* scale to accommodate black lambs. Because they are now MUCH closer to the top of my list.

    What I'm trying to say is that this little one is so perfectly adorable that I'm considering a run halfway across the country to cuddle her.


    Ok, the end.

  14. So sweet! Why do I feel the urge to sing "Baa Baa Black Sheep"?

  15. Is Cary pregnant?? Do tell...because I want to be thinking good sheepmom thoughts for her.

  16. I just made your oat bread, you shared the recipe in November 2006. Thank you! :-D It's the best bread I have ever made, and I shall link to the recipe from my blog, if you don't mind.

  17. CountryMidwife4/15/2009 8:53 PM

    Tooo cute. I did a lamb rescue in the pouring rain early this morning. Driving the country roads coming home from a birth, I saw a lamb outside the fence, and all the ewes and lambs on the other side were quite distressed (oh the BLEEEEEHing!). But of course baby lamb did not know I wanted to help her, so ran away. Eventually she found her way back in how she got out (tight squeeze that would not have been possible it if wasn't so muddy). Then the lambies were ok with me (on the other side of the fence) and suckled on my fingers. Love the lambies!

  18. OH MY That is one beautiful baby! Makes me really want one!!!!!

  19. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for all the comments. Baby lambs - if you can catch them - are definitely extremely nuzzleable! (That's a technical farm term. ; )
    Hi CJ,Cary is doing great - and hopefully not pregnant! I purposefully didn't breed her this year because of the awful time she had last year, but Edward, our strapping young ram, had other ideas. ; )

    Hi Dana,I just found the first baby turtle of the year in the garden last week! They really are too cute - even if they are going after my strawberries. : )

    Hi Pam,I'm hoping her fleece will stay black, but because she's half Katahdin hair sheep her 'wool' probably wouldn't work for spinning.

    Hi Gramps,Yes, it is wonderful having your life run by animals! (Most of the time anyway, LOL.)

    Hi Anonymous,I'm not familiar with the deep litter method of keeping chickens - but I don't find them to be unsanitary. They even start taking baths at a very early age. : )

    Hi Finny,The run would probably be worth it. : )

    Hi Christine,I'm so glad you're having delicious success with my Oatmeal Toasting Bread! And links to my recipes are always welcome.

    Hi CM,Those were definitely some friendly lambs! : )


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