Thursday, April 16

Thursday Dose of Cute: Smile for the Camera!

Silly Wendy's Baby Girl, One Day Old (and the side of Silly's still big belly)

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Current lamb count: 14. Baby chick count: 8. (Pictures and an update hopefully coming soon!)

© 2009, the pink and white foodie farm blog where, as I've mentioned before, all you have to do to jumpstart a lagging lambing season is leave the farm for 12 somewhat worrisome hours. Sure enough, after finally arriving back home near midnight, a mad dash down to the barn thankfully found everybody hungry (especially my bottle lamb!) but fine, and 7 year old Silly Wendy (who received the second half of her name back in 2005 during the now infamous Name That Sheep Contest) happily bonding with her healthy and darling baby girl—the first lamb born in a week.


  1. With each new photo you post, I think, "Okay, THIS is my favorite!"
    How is it possible that each new baby is cuter than the last one?

    But seriously, THIS is my favorite!
    :^) :^) :^) :^)


  2. That is the most adorable photo!!

  3. Kathleen Kennedy4/16/2009 2:51 PM

    OMG....hooooooow precious!!!

  4. It is true - every picture seems cuter and more adorable and more amazing than the last one! These are so sweet - keep 'em coming!

    I want a baby lamb soooo badly!!

  5. Hi, Cute Small Lamb! Your face is so fuzzy and white! Are you smiling? It looks like you're smiling. If I were there, I'd probably tug your big pointy ears. Gently though, you're just a cute small lamb after all.

    Love your knobby knees.


  6. Dang. It looks like a Disney character. I mean that in a good way.

  7. Awwwww! I might have to paper a wall of my office with your cute babies. I need a happy wall!

  8. Oh my god that's the cutest freaking lamb ever.

  9. How did you get her to smile like that? What good manners she has. I wish I could get my son to smile once in a while.

  10. she looks almost too cute to be true! What a sweetheart.

  11. Heavens to betsy, what a cutie! Look at that smile and those ears! She sure looks happy to be in the world.

  12. No offense intended to previous studly ram but holy moley the lambs are SO much cuter this year - that new bloodline really comes out in excessive adorability and eye whammy (tried to sound as if I knew something about judging sheep - I don't know much about judging at all) Cuteness incorporated - that's the new subtitle for Susan and Joe's flockacuties

  13. Susan, the expression on that lamb's face is PRICELESS!! Thanks for sharing!

  14. CountryMidwife4/16/2009 9:54 PM

    Do get a picture of the last two - ebony and ivory - lambs together if you can! :)

  15. OK - now that lamb is definitely smiling for the camera. And could be "silly" may run in her genes - she looks like she may be up to something fun. And now I see about bottle baby - I've got to get in the habit of reading forward, not back!

  16. Cute face and knobby knees :)

  17. Such a beautiful photo, I can't resist any of the animals!

  18. Oh dear. How do you ever get anything done with all the cuteness on your farm?? Seriously, I'd be a mumbling puddle of goo on the barn floor if I was surrounded by this level of cuteness.


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