Thursday, April 23

Thursday Farm Photos: Creek's Up!

I love it when our wet weather creek is running.

The Donkettes have a slightly different opinion.

Want to see more water?
3/18/06: Meandering By The House
3/26/06: The Bigger The Water Dish, The Happier The Dog
5/5/06: View from the Middle of the Creek after Six Inches of Rain
5/13/06: Morning Mist Rising off the Creek
5/13/06: Cat Fishing?
5/15/06: Sheep Crossing
1/15/07: Running Water, Rubber Boots, & Mud
1/19/07: Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Life Is But A Stream
2/25/08: A Rare Winter Sight—And Geese!
3/19/08: Flood Watch
4/7/08: Who's A-fraid of the Big Bad Creek? The Big Bad Creek?
4/8/08: A Fresh New Day Full of Morning Mist (and lots more hazy photos)
4/10/08: Surf's Up!
5/16/08: Splish Splash!
1/18/09: Crossing Over to Bigger and Better Things!

© Copyright 2009, the fast flowing foodie farm blog where we've just started reading a fascinating book called Training Mules and Donkeys : A Logical Approach to Longearsand have already learned several helpful facts, including that donkeys aren't stubborn—they're just 'being sensible in their desire for self-preservation.' And because the donkey 'does not posess the visual depth perception of humans, he [or she] is only being cautious when he [or she] refuses to step readily into water.' And here we'd been thinking all along it was because they simply didn't want to get their hooves wet—or were being stubborn. (And for those of you who really pay attention to detail and are wondering about it, that white line across the top photo is actually a rope we used to cross the creek several years ago when it was about 70 feet wide.)


  1. I love your blog! Thankyou!!

  2. Such a pretty creek! It looks so peaceful...



  3. And here I thought they were just unwilling to get their pedicures messy.

  4. I do love a donkey! I waxed philosophical on my desire to have a donkey on my blog And nope, they aren't at all stubborn, just humans are stubborn :)

  5. I never knew that about donkeys. And yes, I did wonder about the white line.

  6. I just discovered you blog. It's wonderful! The photos of the animals are precious and the blog is so informative. What a change of lifestyle you made! Donkeys..sheep..sweet little lambs. You really take good care of them. Congratulations for a having a beautiful blog and a wonderful farm!

  7. I've read that same's great. We now have 5 donkeys, and most people DO believe they are stubborn. But they are just being careful, checking out the situation.
    Ours will stand for a l o n g time looking at our stream before they will cross...and then they always must cross in the same exact spot as before. They are really very comical creatures..

  8. I love it when you start having babies. All of our horses but two have had their babies and I got a paint stud baby this time. I've waited four years! Aren't donkeys just the cutest! Ours are just crazy! And my peacocks are laying! Loving the farm life--just wish I had baby lambs like you.

  9. Hey, moving water can sweep you off your feet pretty quick. Those donkeys are just being sensible, not stubborn.

    They need a bridge :)

  10. Stranded AKA Up a Creek Without a Paddle


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