Monday, May 25

Monday Farm Photo: Highlight of the Holiday Weekend

Lemon Coconut Quick Bread with Garden Strawberries & Freshly Whipped Cream

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© Copyright 2009, the everything's-always-better-with-whipped-cream foodie farm blog where we realize the weekend isn't over yet, but are pretty sure that nothing will top this sweet treat (which we actually enjoyed three mornings in a row)—and we couldn't be more grateful to have two Jersey cows living a few miles down the road who provide enough milk and beautiful pale yellow cream for a few lucky neighbors as well as their owners. If you don't have any fresh strawberries handy, this Lemon Coconut Quick Bread is also quite tasty slathered with strawberry jam.


  1. That stuff looks totally dangerous but so lovely. We just had our local strawberry festival here in VA. We did not go, but at strawberries at a birthday gathering. Yummy!

  2. That looks sinfully delicious. What a great breakfast, what time should I be there tomorrow?

  3. Oh my, those strawberries are such a lucious dark red! Are they naturally like that or have they been macerated? They just look so juicy and delicious!

  4. I have to tell you, I made that Lemon Coconut bread last week and it was to die for. Unfortunately, the only 8x4 pan I had was glass and it burned the entire outside of the bread. I was so mad! However, hubby and I cut off the burnt outside and gobbled up the inside. I'll be making it again for sure, but this time in my nonstick loaf pan (though it is a bit bigger). I can only imagine how utterly scrumptious it would be with strawberries and cream on it!

  5. Hi Vickie!Great to hear from you. A strawberry festival sounds like heaven!

    Hi CJ,Unfortunately it looks like the bulk of our strawberry harvest is already over. We had to give the little patch a day to ripen and went back to pbjs for breakfast this morning - but at least they were on homemade bread. ; )

    Hi Melissa,Isn't that strawberry color amazing? I didn't do anything to them except wash and slice them - and let them get as ripe as I dared on the vines. So good. Definitely worth waiting for all year! : )

    Hi Kate,I'm so glad you enjoyed the Lemon Coconut Quick Bread - I'm loving it (probably a little too much, LOL).

    Sorry to hear about your trouble with the glass pans. I used glass loaf pans for years and finally realized they just weren't giving me results I was happy with, both with quick breads and yeast breads - and they often were so hard to clean. When I finally broke down a few years ago and invested in some of these Chicago Metallic commercial loaf pans I couldn't believe the difference - and so easy to clean. At about $12 each I was kicking myself for not buying them sooner, especially as they come with a 25 year warranty. I have both sizes now, and use them all the time for both quick breads and sandwich loaves. I highly recommend them (and all Chicago Metallic bakeware for that matter-I have several other pans as well).

    This cake will work fine in a 9-inch pan rather than the 8-inch I specify - just check for doneness a little sooner.

    Happy baking! : )

  6. Wow, that looks sooo good. The berries look amazing!


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