Wednesday, May 6

Wednesday Dose of Cute:
Baby Cary is Three Years Old Today!

The Lamb and the Laundry Line (taken 5/18/06, when Cary was 12 days old)

Wondering who Cary is? Meet her in
A Tiny Tail For Mother's Day. Then see what she's been up to during the last three years here and here.

I've mentioned before that while things are constantly changing on the farm, in some ways they stay exactly the same. I looked back to see what I'd written last year on Cary's second birthday and realized it could have been written today.

It's hard to believe that my little girl is already two three years old, but that's what the calendar tells me, so I suppose it must be true. Cary had a quiet and uneventful birthday today, as the ewes and lambs spent the day stuck in the barnyard like they have every day for the past few months. We're just about out of our carefully hoarded homegrown hay, though, so tomorrow in a few days she'll get to gorge herself on some of those greener pastures. Happy birthday, baby.

Many thanks to all of you who have so kindly been asking after Cary. She is fat and happy and doing just fine. After much deliberation, I decided not to breed her last fall because of the terrible time
she had last year, but she's been living with the pregnant (and now nursing) ewes for the past month, enjoying the extra treats and special attention. I hope that you'll enjoy this little look back at some of my favorite yet never posted photos from her babyhood, along with a couple of more recent shots.

Looking for a Snake We'd Just Seen Slither Under the Steps (6/7/06)

Meeting Molly Doodlebug on 6/7/06

Riding in the Truck on 6/8/06

Visiting the Library on 6/8/06 (Yes, Cary has been to town—twice!)

In the Snow on 1/31/09

Scratching an Itch on 2/1/09

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  1. Cary has very quickly become my favorite one. Do you think you will bred her next year or will she be forever an Auntie?

  2. My favorite is the photo of Cary visiting the library! She's a cutie.

  3. Happy Birthday Cary!

    It's so nice to get an update and the picture from the library is just *darling*.

  4. There's a girl with a full, rich life! Happy birthday Cary!

  5. There's nothing like an educated ewe..........what were her favorite sections at the library????

    Too cute!

  6. Just learned everything about Cary and I am a Cary-fan too !!!! Enjoy her company. I used to have one sheep and she gave birth to twins every year. So march was an exiting month because I was there every time she gave birth, night or day. She needed me, I was her mom.

  7. What a lucky girl! Thanks so much for sharing Cary's adventures with us - she's well-travelled and well-read!

    Happy Birthday Cary!

  8. It's hard to believe it's been 3 years! I absolutely love the photos, especially of her taking a ride in the truck, and checking out some reading material at the library.

    Thanks for letting all her fans know she's doing well. :)

  9. Such a beautiful and lucky girl. Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos, and thanks for the update!

  10. Happy Birthday, Cary! I love the picture of her in the truck! And the library picture.
    The Mother's Day story about Cary is the so sweet.
    Thank you for the Cary update!

  11. Oh, Susan, thank you for the Cary birthday update. She is still right up there with Dan and Co. and the cats...and thank you for the great donkeys pix yesterday!
    I loved seeing Cary going for a ride and visiting the are doing well at expanding her horizons.
    Happy Birthday, Cary....

  12. Happy Birthday Cary!!

    What book(s) did Cary check out at the library?

  13. My Gosh. Guess, then, I have been a fan for over three years. Yes, time flies

    May there be many more Cary


  14. Thank you for the birthday update on Cary, Susan. You know I love that lamb.

    And, frankly, I can't believe it's been over 3 years since I started reading along here.

    Time does fly. In a sneaky scary way.


  15. Oh Happy Birthday Cary!

    Susan - I remember the story about when she went to the post office with you. It still makes me smile.


  16. Happy Birthday!! I wish she could visit the library where I work. :)

    This means I have been a Farmgirl Fare fan for three years now! Ever since your baby turtle and strawberries pictures were posted on CO.

    Extra treats for baby (I mean, old enough to be bred) Cary! :)

  17. I love hearing about Cary. Has it really been three years??? I check in on your website several times a week and have found a lot of your recipes that I can't live without. . . the squash and red bell pepper soup recipe is my all time favorite and I make it a lot.

  18. i'll bet cary doesn't get to go to the library anymore... :( however will she keep up on her reading??

  19. Awesome photo's so cute.
    I'm just letting you know that I tried your lemon and coconut quick bread the other day. It disappeared quicker than you can say "hungry kids". I set out to make some more and discovered once I had started that I didn't have any more lemons. So I substituted a tin of crushed pinapple and some lemon curd I made with the zucchinni glut last summer for the lemon juice and zest. The cake took a touch longer to cook but was every bit as yummy. Thanks for the recipie. It is destined to become a family favourite.

  20. Happy Birthday, Cary and her Mom ( that means YOU)! I remember her babyhood as though it was last week! That was a cliffhanger, some days.

  21. Those ARE great photos of Cary. I would love to hear the stories of Cary going to town. Hey - isn't that the name of a Curious George book?

    I'm like the others...can't believe I've been reading you so religiously for 3 years now. I'm sure there are some who have been for longer. And all because I happened to look in the "Blogs of Note" list that day. Don't know that I've done that much since.

  22. Apple Dirt Day, baby lamb girl!

  23. Keebler and Graham Lamb - the newest members of the goodwill lamb tour - say Happy Birthday Cary!!!

  24. Thanks so much for the update! I love me some Cary!! Happy Birthday beautiful baby and lamb of so many hearts!

  25. So cute ~ and happy birthday! Am I the only one that started singing....."she followed her to school one day, school one day, school one day....." yes / no? I guess I spent too much with little ones, however it does seem fitting. And I love the photo in the library....

  26. I don't often comment on your posts, but I just want you to know how much I enjoy your blog. Whenever I need a little pick-me-up I always visit your blog to see what's going on in your neck of the woods. I thoroughly enjoy everything about your blog.

    Thanks for writing it!

    And Happy Mother's Day to you and all the furry mamas on your farm!

    Kate (Gardening Without Skills)

  27. Howdy Farmgirl and am I excited to find you this a.m. while searching for something special for Mom's of furry critters for my graphics website. Jackpot to find tale of tiny Cary. Yes, you are bookmarked and can't wait to try some crusty no knead bread. Have shared your website with everyone including A Pioneer Woman who has thousands of readers. Happy Mother's Day all ;)

  28. Love your site! I'm a Missouri girl too.

  29. I enjoy your blog and have even tried some of your recipies. I have to make a few adjustments to baking because I live at 7000 ft.
    I love love love your donkeies and had one once and plan to get another. sooo cute. I love thier soft noses. I also just got 12 new chicken, one died but 11 are doing well. I will put pictures up on my blog soon. I am also in the process of putting in a large garden. This will be a new experiance at 7000 ft for me. I have had vegetable gardens befor but not in this cold of a climate.
    come by some time

  30. Sorry Cary, Its Susan

  31. I had never read her story before. Amazing! And she is a beautiful little girlie!

  32. Hey you haven't posted in a while, everything ok? Just checking.

  33. cndymkr,

    Susan is fine, although without power and internet access for a week or so. It looks like it will be several more days until she is back online, but she says to tell you all hi!!!

  34. Thanks for the update kitchenmage! I was worried about Susan [and company] too!

  35. Uhhh I love that little lamb :-)

  36. She is one good looking little sheepie! And so cute as a baby! And to the library as a baby? How did that go? Was she a huge hit with kids?

    Happy Birthday to Cary.

  37. Dearest Farmgirl,

    I was unsure where to post this comment but I think here fits well because Cary is just so darn sweet.

    About a week ago I stummbled across your wonderful blog in search for a really great food site. Blog hunting has recently become one of my favourite past times and I am always looking for a good one about gardening, cooking, country life, organic/environmentally concerned life or crafting. I was immediately taken with yours and not because it incompassed practically all of my interests but because I was able to part-take in this amazing adventure that you have so thoughtfully shared with us. Running a farm is something that I have always dreamed of but sadly it is very very out of reach at this time in my life. However that doesn't mean I have ever stopped dreaming about it. :)

    Your story has been so inspiring to me and not because you live a perfect life where nothing ever goes wrong. I think the reason I have fallen so in love with your blog is because you don't try to hide the darker sides of running a farm and caring for so many animals. You are true and honest about life on a farm, it is magical and amazing one moment and then suddenly cruel and tragic the next. Your story is REAL. And that is what is so wonderful, that is what makes me feel so connected to you and my fellow readers.

    Just in this past week I have been charmed by the Chippers and Big Chips love of giving hugs, laughed outright at grumpy Uncle Teddy (is he still around?), awwwwed and coooed at all your little lambs and chuckled at there action photo of "bouncing sickness", giggled at Donkey Doodle Dandy's many humourous stories and hoorawed when he got a donkey size family and quickley became Donkey Doodle Daddy, laughed so hard I almost cried at the sheep naming contest, was enchanted by baby Cary's wonderful story, was soooo happy when your friend made Whitey a mama and I thouroughly enjoyed watching all those little chicks grow up. And then at the same time my heart sunk at the loss of each of your little lambs and I mourned the death of the adventuring Lindy and the sudden loss of new friend Lottie, I shed many tears when New Cat passed and cursed those wretched coyotes over and over again. My heart went out to you each time it felt like things were never going to get better, but then they did and new life was born.

    And because of allll of these things I almost feel like I have become a part of this very large Farmgirl family both on the farm and online. I'm sure so many others feel the same and I just wanted to let you know that even though you have only been a part of my life for a week I feel truely blessed to have heard your story and can't wait to continue hearing it. You don't have to pour your heart and life into this blog (which I think is very brave by the way) but you do and I feel priviledged to be on the recieving end. Thank you!!!

    Also I have one question (well its more of a series but whose counting?). What ever happened to those crazy llamas? Did you ever reveal their names or the reason you were keeping it a secret? I may have skipped a post somewhere along the line in my eagerness to see more babies but I searched once I clued in that I hadn't heard about them in a while and couldn't find any mention of them past 2006.

    And now I must go try and make some delicious looking blueberry breakfast bars...

    Yours truely,
    Whitney (from Canada)

  38. What a sweetie!! I love the donkeys too.

  39. Happy Birthday, Cary! I truly enjoy reading about your life. And, you are quite photogenic!

    I think you should think about a Children's book about your life


  40. Dear FarmGirl,
    I think that what Whitney, from Canada, wrote expresses what the great majority of your audience (?) feels about you. I know I do. Words cannot express the warmth that comes through your blog. You are sooo blessed and we are sooo blessed to have you. God bless and thanks so much. Jeanie in Upstate NY.

  41. Hello! I just recently discovered your delightful blog, and have started receiving your posts via e-mail. Just wanted to let you know that I'm now a Cary fan, too! What a sweetie she is!!!

    Have a wonderful day - and thanks for brightening mine!


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