Sunday, May 17

Sunday Farm Photo: For the Love of Power

One of My Newest Found Heart Rocks (Which amazingly now number about 300!)

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Heart Rock Embedded In The Front Step
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My Heart Is Embedded In This Place
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Adding To My Heart Rock Collection
Handful Of Heart Rocks All Found At Once
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My Hearts Overfloweth
Little Hearts, Big Love
5/13/08: Still Collecting Heart Rocks
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2/14/09: Heart Installation
7/21/09: Love Underfoot

© Copyright 2009, the plugged in, hard-wired, and lit up like a Christmas tree foodie farm blog where I've said it before and will no doubt say it again: there's nothing like having the power go off for an extended period (8 days this time!) to remind you of just how much you heart electricity. (And leave it to Lucky Buddy Bear to place himself smack dab in the heart of a photo right as you're about to snap the picture).


  1. Congratulations! I know you are exceedingly grateful for power this afternoon and will stay that way for the next week (at least).

    Glad to hear you are back online. We missed you.

  2. Yeah! Happy to have you back 'on the grid'. You were missed, indeed, but a Big Thank You to Beth for letting us know you were okay! Hard to imagine life w/o power for 8 days! I guess we all just take it for granted - until it's taken away. Hope all is well with you, your family & all the animals!

  3. I've found one heart rock recently, and want to start my own collection too! :-) That one you've just found is lovely!

    Wow, welcome back!

  4. Your blog is so awesome! It has been a favorite of mine for awhile. I'm not a huge baker but I did make your lemon coconut bread last week and it was wonderful. Thanks for the great photo's, recipes and everything else that makes your blog so much fun. I grew up on a farm with cattle, pigs, dogs & cats and now live in the country but not a farm. Your blog satisfies the farm girl in me. :)

  5. I love your heart rocks, and this one is wonderful. So small, it makes me wonder how long it's been around and overlooked!

  6. Eight f'ing days....So I think that Cary must be really pissed now that she has miss her soaps for so many days.

    Did you eat your freezer? so to speak....


  7. Lovely heart rock. We havent found one in quite a while now.

  8. I heart Bear. And electricity. I heart that, too.

  9. goodness yes - I echo Yellow Dog - did you eat everything in the freezer? I seem to recall you have at least one generator so I'm curious what you decided to "save". We are feverishly working toward putting in a wind generator here - at least something on this place ought to pay it's way! Definitely "heart" your blogging - so the new place is on indefinite hold?????

  10. Oh, what a relief! Glad you finally got it back! Hope you had a good long soak in a bubble bath before sitting down to the computer. As Barb said - glad all is well with you, Farmguy, and the animals.


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