Monday, May 4

Monday Dose of Cute:
What Donkey Girls Do During Lambing Season

Try to Look Extra Cute So You Don't Forget to Give Them

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© Copyright 2009, the donkey loving foodie farm blog where—even if you aren't bearing a bucket of treats—all four of these very entertaining girls love to be hugged around the neck and scratched behind the ears. Resting your chin on their heads while you're hugging them is usually acceptable, too.


  1. i just can't STAND it! whenever you post such adorable photos of the donkey girls/guys, i just gotta have me a donkey!!!! :)

  2. Oh, how I love donkeys. Adore donkeys. Believe donkeys should have been dieties of some ancient civilization. I..I..well, I'm daffy for donkeys.

    And yours are truly adorable!

  3. so cute! thanks so much for brightening my mornings with these doses of extreme cuteness. i miss my farm, and someday perhaps will be able to have one again.

  4. The donkeys are adorable! Are you planning to breed the girls again? Or are they taking the year off? I'm wondering if we'll have foaling season to look forward to now that the lambs all seem to be on the ground.

  5. The girls are so cute!

    There is a donkey hero here in North Alabama. A few weeks ago a farmer found a 6 foot alligator dead in his pasture. The authorities decided it must have been living in a nearby pond and was travelling back to the river (which is fairly close). They also believe that one of the donkeys who "guard" the cattle killed it to defend the herd. I had no idea donkeys were so protective!

  6. Just so cute I want to reach out and hug them...would they let me do that? I've got to touch them! And hug them. And pet them and pat them and stroke their soft fur. But they're already named so I won't name them George. (a la Bugs Bunny cartoons) Seriously - this pic makes me want to do all those things.

  7. Adorable...makes me want one too!

  8. Do donkeys take to human nuzzling? If so, I'd nuzzle them like crazy. What goofs!

    They're, of course, extremely cute. Even alongside those painfully cute lambs.

  9. Who wouldn't want to hug them? I could just hug and kiss them all day - of course there would be plenty of treats involved.

  10. If I didn't know better, I'd swear you must 'pose' your animal photos 'cuz everyone of them is just too darn cute!! (Yeah, like you have nothing better to do, huh?)

    Those donkeys girls could give those lamb babies a run for their money!

    I need some lambs and some donkeys of my own!!

  11. I just ran across a great tune for gardening, THE GARDEN SONG by Arlo Guthrie! I love to listen to it at a blog I like to visit -the Youtube version doesn't have great sound quality but for some reason this blog does :)- Anyway, I thought you might enjoy also. Its timeless!

  12. how is cary doing? any new animal additions to the farm? (i love your donkeys!)

  13. all your little guys & girls around the farm are SO cute! i love all your little lambs. i just want to squeeze them all up!

    :o) i hope to have a nice sized farm someday.

  14. did i miss cary baby news this spring?

  15. they truly do remind me of girls hanging out.

    it's all there on their faces.

  16. CountryMidwife5/06/2009 9:54 AM

    Is the one in the middle the silliest? She sure looks silly!

  17. I come here often for my dose of cute and a touch of farm life. You always deliver.It is a pleasure to visit. Thanks

  18. Talk about CUTE! How could you not resist giving them treats?

  19. Looks like a 'Donkey girls just wanna have fun'photo shoot! SSSOOOOO SWEET!


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