Thursday, May 28

Thursday Dose of Cute: And She Sleeps

Annette and Her Twin Ewe Lamb (taken 4/5/09)

New around these parts? Here's a look back at lambing season:
4/2/09: Baa Baa Baby Baa Baa! Lambing Season 2009 Has Begun!
4/3/09: Black Babes for Black Beauty
4/4/09: Spotted Beast?
4/6/09: Whispering Sweet Nothings?
4/7/09: Think Pink
4/9/09: Oh, You Big Baby
4/14/09: Too Cute for Words?
4/16/09: Smile for the Camera!
4/16/09: Amendment to Today's Earlier Lamb Count
4/20/09: Morning Traffic Report
4/21/09: Snack Time!
4/22/09: Oops
4/26/09: Lamb Whisperer
4/26/09: An Important Message from the BABS
4/30/09: Reading Lesson
5/1/09: May Day! May Day!
5/21/09: Rest Stop

© Copyright 2009, the always up for a nap foodie farm blog where we just came across an entire file of forgotten cute lamb photos that were never posted. The last lamb of the year may have been born several weeks ago (where does the time go?), but that doesn't mean the baby pictures have to stop anytime soon!


  1. Such a little sweetie. I want to just cuddle up with that baby.

  2. Adorable lamb! My hubby would have a fit as he is wanting lambs to raise. I've been lurking for a while, but wanted to say hello.
    Jennifer @ Fiddle Dee Dee

  3. Too cute! Any chance of a tally of the total lamb count for this year? (Or did I miss it somewhere along the way?)

  4. Just reviewed all the lamb pics for 2009 to date, and re-read a lot of the comments.

    Did the black lambs stay pure black? Do the spotted ones grow out of theirr spots, or do the spots increase?

    Any "surprise" pregnant ewes? I know you thought there might be a few...

    What about Cary?

    (as if you didn't have enough to do, I'd love updates....)

    and the dogs, where have they been?

  5. I love how their nose becomes their prop.

    Keep the cute lamb pictures coming no matter how old - I love all the animal pics! (and nature pics for that matter)

    My word verification today is "cookinat". Which is something I think Jeff Foxworthy says you you use in a sentence like this..."I like spaghetti, I'm glad you're cookinat tonight." ha - just thought I'd share

  6. I always come here when I am wanting to see something to make me smile. You never fail. Thank you!

  7. Hi CJ,I know, she's just so cute. That little head! And sweet—but tough, too! : )

    Hi Jennifer!It's always nice to hear from a lurker. : )

    Hi Barb,I still need to do a lambing season roundup post, but the total lamb count is 19, with 4 ram lambs and a whopping 15 ewe lambs. This is the smallest number of lambs we've had in years because we scaled breeding way back this time—but (knock on wool) we didn't lose a single baby or mother which is fantastic!

    Hi Joanne,I'm slowly but surely working on a bunch of FAFQ (Frequently Asked Farmgirl Questions) and black and spotted lambs are near the top of the list, as so many people ask about them!

    Some of the black lambs stay black and some fade. The babies whose mothers are pure black usually stay black, though the wool fades to brown in the sun. You can read more about the black sheep here.We did have four surprise pregnant ewes who all did fine. I'll have to write more about this in my lambing season roundup post. No surprise pregnancy for Cary—thank goodness! : )

    Daisy and Marta, our big (mostly) white livestock guard dogs are doing fine and are busy keeping the sheep (and the rest of us) safe from the voracious coyotes and other monsters. In fact I can hear Marta's big scary bark right now. The two of them have begun roaming away from the sheep during the day which kind of drives me insane (it was okay when just Marta did it, but now Daisy likes to go off with her, too), but (hooves and paws crossed), so far so good—not a single coyote loss in months!

    Hi Anne,I'll definitely keep the cute lamb pictures coming—we all need our daily dose of cute!

    Too funny about 'cookinat'—thanks for the laugh. Hee hee—mine is 'kessess' this time, which sounds an awful lot like kisses. : )

    Hi Petunia,You're very welcome! Thanks for taking the time to write.


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