Sunday, May 3

Sunday Dose of Cute:
What Boys Do During Lambing Season

Not Much (as Evidenced Here by 13-Year-Old Big Chip and Donkey Doodle Dandy)

© Copyright 2009, the big-boys-are-still-cute-too foodie farm blog where these two guys (and pretty much everybody else) are a little on the soggy side today, thanks to some wonderful weekend rain that is making the grass grow like crazy—and giving us the perfect excuse to ignore everything that desperately needs to be done in the kitchen garden (beans planted! beets weeded! Swiss chard harvested! leeks and onions thinned and weeded! tomatoes and eggplant transplanted!, compost piles turned! manure tea made! mulch, mulch, mulch!) and instead spend the afternoon baking up three big loaves of Honey Whole Grain Sandwich Bread (and if there's time, maybe some Yip Yap Banana Snaps—or another loaf of that irresistible Lemon Coconut Quick Bread). After all, a girl can't live on bread alone, even if it is homemade.


  1. Awwww....and Big Chip hugs too!? How long do sheep like him live? He has a bit of the old man look to him (which I love, just ask my old man beagle with the square butt).

  2. Off season for the boys - and we've had a touch of that rain in the house crazies here also. Chip is a handsome fella and interesting how the two guys are laying back to back.

  3. Very cute boys. If someone didn't know that Dan was a small donkey, they may think Chip was a HUGE sheep based on this photo. I did a second glance my own self.

  4. Ha! So true - looks like the guys during Mom's postpartum phase for sure!

  5. The lemon coconut bread is fantastic! I can't stop eating it.


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