Sunday, May 2

Sunday Dose of Cute: Rolls for Breakfast

Donkey Rolls 1

Donkey Rolls 2

Donkey Rolls 3

Donkey Rolls 4

Donkey Rolls 5

Donkey Rolls 6

Donkey Rolls 7
Not a Recipe

Want to see more donkey doings?

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  1. Precious! I showed this to my husband...we both sat here smiling! Great way to start the day!

  2. I love the donkeys. They always seem so uninhibited, so carefree.

  3. Ha Ha! Looks like Dolores was taking a sun bath or a nap in the sun for a while there. Tee hee.

  4. goodness that looks like it would feel GREAT - glad you made the distinction and told us that was not a recipe - would hate to see someone trying to cook in that position

  5. Your donks are adorable and love the coloring. Do you trim their hooves or have a farrier? We have trouble finding farriers to work on donkeys.

  6. Hi Everybody,
    So glad you enjoyed these photos. Thanks for taking the time to write.

    A Painter,

    A roll in the dirt is definitely a great way to start the day! ;)

    Ha, thanks for the laugh.

    Weekend Cowgirl,
    We have a farrier trim the donkeys' hooves - I draw the line at trimming sheeps' hooves. In fact, I have a desperate call in to the farrier right now. After spending six weeks living in the grassy sandfield and no clomping around in the rocky creekbed or the gravel driveway (except when they keep escaping), The Donkettes' hooves have become quickly overgrown!


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