Tuesday, May 4

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Lazy Daisy

Lazy Daisy 1

Lazy Daisy 2

Lazy Daisy 3

Lazy Daisy 4

Lazy Daisy 5

Lazy Daisy 6

Lazy Daisy 7

Lazy Daisy 8
Break Time's Over

We love our crazy Daisy!
1/28/09: Snowed In! (scroll down to see Daisy)
3/19/09: Nap Time
3/23/09: Bear Hug

12/30/09: Snow Day!
1/19/10: Oh, Look

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  1. what a hoot - poor Daisy works all night long and then even Bear is checking on why she is asleep in the middle of a day. Are the lamb's tails banded for docking?

  2. She is so cute and so are the rest of your lambs and dogs etc...

  3. Poor Daisy, she looks exhausted by all those sheep :) I think it's sweet that Bear stops by to check on her. She looks like such a great dog.

  4. LOVE the doses of cute! I totally don't mind the lack of recipes if there's a dose of cute in its place. Keep 'em coming!

  5. Absolutely love this series. I'm sure Daisy earned her rest and would be up like a shot if there was a coyote within 5 miles!!! Hey were you ever able to bathe or shear she and Marta??? Daisy is looking pretty clean and I remember earlier this spring you were bemoaning the state of their coats......

  6. Are you tempted to hold a mirror in front of her nose to make sure she's breathing? :)

  7. We've been thinking lately about getting a livestock watchdog. I've lost three laying hens and a duck in the past month, and our pet dogs aren't doing the trick. Broke down and got a rooster, finally, but he has his hands full.

    I hate that feeling, that someone's not going to show up when you call them in. We lost our favorite hen two weeks ago and I'm still heartbroken about it.


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