Tuesday, May 11

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Meeting Marta

Meeting Marta 1
This just might be my favorite lambing season photo yet.

Meeting Marta 2

Meeting Marta 3
(taken 4/24/09)

Meeting Marta 4
(taken 4/25/09)

Meeting Marta 5

Meeting Marta 6

Are you just meeting Marta?
Marta Baby Pictures
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© Copyright 2010 FarmgirlFare.com, the dirty white foodie farm blog where Marta, whose full name is Marta Beast and whose nickname lately has been Marta the Mess (which is why you don't see nearly as many photos of her as you do of Daisy) is sporting a whole new look after spending several hours at the doggie day spa last week. Amazing before and after pictures—along with details of that ordeal adventure—coming soon!


  1. I don't know - Marta pre day spa has that bedhead look - the very casual almost grunge cool. Mostly - she looks enormous next to those lambs!

  2. Marta looks pretty cool to me and I'm sure she keeps the sheep in line! We had a Border Collie on the farm who did the job fine also! The first pic is adorable, perfect timing on your part!

  3. Marta the Muppet! How can you not adore a furbeast that cute?!!

    Bear and his plethora of fur looks very similar to our dog (and his mystery lineage). He also feels the need to lick (taste test)certain things and try to keep children rounded up.

    Love you pictures, and wishing you and yours a wonderful year!

  4. What a good girl! Looks like the last picture, she got cornered by a mom...I love shaggy dogs like this...our labradoodle griffin would love to kiss those lambs!

  5. I just discovered your blog recently and am IN LOVE with Marta & Daisy. I am reading the old posts a little at a time, when I need a break. Thank you for sharing your lovely girls!

  6. Marta is totally adorable. You just want to pick her up and hug her... very cute!

  7. absolutely adorable. love your pics :)

  8. That is totally adorable. Either that is a huge dog or those are tiny lambs. Either way, or maybe its both, love it!


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