Thursday, May 20

Thursday Dose of Cute: Flying Sheep (and a Flying Donkey)

Flying Sheep 1
Nobody Wanted to Follow Daisy's Lead. . .

Flying Sheep 2

Flying Sheep 3
So They Went Upstream and Over Instead

Flying Sheep 4

Flying Sheep 5

Flying Sheep 6

Flying Sheep 7

Flying Sheep 8

Flying Sheep 9

Flying Sheep 10

Flying Sheep 11

Flying Sheep 12
Last but Not Least—Old Snugglebunny

And One Flying Donkey
Only Evie Flew—the Others Just Splashed Through

Then on to the Promised Land
And On to the Promised Land

The wet weather creek is running!
5/13/06: Cat Fishing?
3/19/08: Flood Watch
4/8/08: A Fresh New Day Full of Morning Mist (and lots more hazy photos)
4/10/08: Surf's Up!
4/24/09: Creek's Up!

© Copyright 2010, the flowing foodie farm blog where it's supposed to rain some more (yes!) and then get hot this weekend, which means there will be some serious splashing around in our future—though obviously not by the sheep.


  1. That's so funny! You wouldn't think that even sheep don't want to get their feet wet! LOL

  2. I love the leaping sheep photos!

  3. Jeez, I almost went to sleep counting all those jumping sheep! So funny how they all follow course.

  4. Love the flying sheep! I'd say they had a great game of follow the leader going.

  5. Oh, you've made my day...those are the BEST photos! So cute how they need to jump over the water. Thanks for sharing...your blog always cheers me up!

  6. LOVE all your photos! Great representation of agriculture. Been following you for a while now, and left you a blogger award at my blog!

  7. The 'Promised Land' looks beautiful - so green after all the rain. Love the sheep, the donkeys and Daisy - great photos!

  8. well, we learn something new every day! i never had a clue a sheep would rather jump over a bit of water than get its 'toes' wet! hmmm.

  9. Too funny! You are your fuzzy friends are still making me laugh and shake my head in amazement.

  10. Love your photos of the flying sheep!

  11. That is just too funny! Love how they all were lined up!

  12. This is just the sweetest series of photos Farmgirl!! I love it!

  13. Great photos, I love them all.

  14. What a great way to start the day. The last leaping sheep was the best. I used to have a horse who would jump over the smallest trickle in a huge bound. Took me years to break him of it. Thanks for the laugh!

  15. Love your pics as always! I'm always envious of all the wonderful sheep and dogs!

  16. Love it! What pretty land you have.

  17. I grew up in Missouri, and now live in KS. I love the pics on your blog- all the trees and hills make me nostalgic. Thank you!

  18. I have given you the Versatile Blogger award. Go see ...

  19. Who knew sheep were so prissy?

  20. Oh my! How did you take all those pictures without keeling over in laughter?


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