Thursday, May 6

Thursday Dose of Cute: Baby Cary is Four Years Old Today!

Baby Cary 1
Cary, age two weeks, and the Nanny Bear on 5/20/06

How about a trip down memory lane? Don't know who Cary is? Meet her in
A Tiny Tail for Mother's Day.

Baby Cary 2

Baby Cary 3

Baby Cary 4

Baby Cary 5

Baby Cary 6

Baby Cary 7

Baby Cary 8

Baby Cary 9

Baby Cary 10

Baby Cary 11

Baby Cary 12

Happy Birthday, Cary! I know some of you have been around since the day she was born. Can you believe it's been four years already?

Cary, age four
Cary's Show Sheep Pose (actually she's scratching against that panel)

My sweet (and big!) Cary doll is doing just fine. She's happy and healthy and only pulls the 'privileged animal' thing every once in a while (though she no longer comes in the house). Because of the frightening trouble she had with her first pregnancy in 2008, I decided not to breed Cary again. I may change my mind in the future—how cute would it be to have a Cary baby?—but for now I'm playing it safe. I'm happy enough just to have her here.

Cary's Baby Smile Still Comes Through
She Still Has Her Baby Smile (click here and scroll down to see)

I'd love to stay and reminisce about Cary's babyhood—like the time she was jumping up and down on the couch—but I've got to get back to the party. Ice cream sprinkled with plenty of grain for everybody!

Want a bigger dose of Cary cute?
5/6/08: Baby Cary Turns Two! (includes lots of links to more Cary pics)

And here are a few more pictures not linked to elsewhere:
7/24/06: Come to Mama (and an update on The Assimilation Process)

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  1. Happy Birthday Cary! Wow, I remember when she was born... That's long ago!



  2. Baby Cary and Cary Grown: unbelievably cute at all ages! What a smile!

    I love your Daily Doses of Cute. For me they've been a wonderful antidote to the craziness of our age. You are such a talented photographer and do a great job of capturing the spirit of your critters. Keep up the good work!

  3. Four years? No! No, really? Happy Birthday, Cary! I so remember how touched I was by her story, for a long time, I called you LambMama.

  4. All you animals are sooooo sweet! Happy birthday to Cary!

  5. Happy birthday, Cary! I can't believe it's been four years already!

  6. Happy Birthday, Cary! I too can't believe it's been 4 years. Love sharing your journey...

  7. awwww how cute she really was the sweetest baby lamb! You have to tell us that jumping up and down on the couch story! I love how you can really see her smiling - priceless :)

  8. Seems like yesterday! happy Birthday, Cary. You bring a smile every time you appear, as do all your friends and family.
    Enjoy that ice cream!

  9. Time flies, I remember reading about Cary in the early days. Have you considered writing this story for a children's book? It would be just lovely. And I would buy the first copy for my sons who are 23,26 and 28....and one for me too. Actually it would make a great movie, reminds me somewhat of the movie "Babe" that incredible pig.

  10. The best thing about being a Grand Parent is watching the Kids grow. So it is with Cary. She is a love


  11. Just found your site and it is DEFINITELY going into my favorites. You are witty, articulate and down right entertaining! I'm hooked.

    Thanks for all the info, laughs.....and for the Pita recipe from 2005 ;)

  12. Just found your site and it is DEFINITELY going into my favorites. You are witty, articulate and down right entertaining! I'm hooked.

    Thanks for all the info, laughs.....and for the Pita recipe from 2005 ;)

  13. Happy Birthday Cary. I can't believe it's been 4 years! I just love her ears as a baby and she has grown into such a big girl.

  14. Adorable lambs....They just may be cuter than our calves, but I don't know.... :o)

  15. Wow, it's been that long since I've enjoyed Cary and Farmer Susan's adventures!

  16. Four!? Even I'm not that old yet. (I jest.)
    Happy birthday, lambikins. And blessings on yer mama. The one who raised you.

  17. Happy Birthday Cary!!!

  18. Gosh, the photo story is so wonderful-kind of tells the tale of a little lamb with no boundaries-I especially love the one indoors with one of the cats. Happy birthday Cary, and Happy Mother's Day to you, her surrogate mom!!!

  19. Absolutely love your stories about Cary. How lucky she is to have you! Love reading your blog!

  20. Wow... has it really been that long? I remember your posts about wee Cary!

  21. Wow, that must be quite a birthday party you are throwing for Cary! Such a sweet girl, you should be a very proud momma!

  22. Oh, my gosh! I can't believe it's been four years. I've been following your blog since before Cary came along but without a doubt, the "Cary Story" is my all time favorite!!! Some of your recipes have become my "regulars" - the swiss chard salad and the soup made with red bell peppers and yellow squash - can't live without either one of those!


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