Sunday, August 29

Sunday Dose of Cute: Learning the Rules

Learning the Rules 1
Lesson #1: When the treat trough is full, the milk bar is closed.

Learning the Rules 2

Learning the Rules 3

Learning the Rules 4

Learning the Rules 5

Learning the Rules 6

Learning the Rules 7

Learning the Rules 8
Persistence will be met with kicks, even if you are only two days old.

I didn't think anyone could top our Donkey Doodle Dandy when it comes to looking pitiful and glum, a la Eeyore. I mean, Dan is so good he can literally make you feel guilty over nothing. And that braying! Even when he's happy he still sounds sort of miserable. But Dan's new itty bitty son—who is also, ahem, his grandson—already has his daddy beat by a mile.

After repeatedly trying to nurse, and repeatedly being kicked at by Mama Esmeralda for his efforts, confused little Gnat (it's his nickname for now), finally gave up. I only saw Esmeralda's hoof make actual contact with him once, though he did get whacked in the face several times by her angry swishing tail.

Learning the Rules 9

Learning the Rules 10

Learning the Rules 11
Woeful and dejected, he backed away from his mother, stood looking around for several seconds, took a little breath, and then, with the most heartbreakingly sad look on his face, turned and started slowly walking down the road along the edge of the field.

Obviously his mother no longer loved him. If he had had any belongings, they would have been tied into a handkerchief knapsack attached to a stick held over his shoulder. I swear I almost cried.

Learning the Rules 12

He probably would have just kept going if Esmeralda hadn't gone after him. Minutes later, little Gnat was reunited with the herd.

Learning the Rules 13
Then, assured that his mother did indeed still want him, the two of them headed out into the field together.

Just getting to know our two new donkey boys?
8/22/10 Not to Worry

©, the dusty little foodie farm blog where I didn't mean to imply in last Wednesday's post (in the copyright section at the bottom) that all donkeys are completely useless. That's far from true. Some donkeys will pull small carts, some pack stuff around, and others make excellent livestock guardians. They can also probably do other handy stuff I don't even know about. We just don't seem to have those kinds of donkeys. We mostly keep ours around for their companionship and priceless entertainment value—and of course they excel at being cute!


  1. A name suggestion for "Gnat".... Garron. It means guardian and he will be watching over the sheep, no?

  2. Okay, the photos of him walking away are just heartbreaking! Thank goodness it had a happy ending!

  3. They DEFINITELY excel at being cute! Thanks for the story and the (happy) ending and especially the photos!

  4. Okay, I have tears in my eyes for little Gnat. What a face. Poor thing, I wanted to reach through the camera and give him a hug and tell him it will be alright.

  5. what a hoot! Gnat has to learn - even a mama has to have her treat time. By the way -his name is fine even as an adult donk - everyone will think you are saying Nat -

  6. Wow, he is like a manipulative little kitten who looks at yo horrified when you take him to the vet.

    Maybe Gnat could be a weird nickname for G. Nathaniel, since Nat is a common nickname for Nathaniel.

  7. Hey, wonderful story told through the photos-I'm with "Theres Just life" -I wanted to run after him and give him a big hug and tell him it would all work out!!!! I know farming life is all about necessity and production-but there certainly has to be some room in there for entertainment and fun!!! So yay the Donkettes, and the new additions to the herd. (They certainly entertain your readership!!!!!)

  8. Those meal ol mamas!! I kind of remember brushing my own children off a time or two!

  9. Hi Susan,

    Love reading about your farm life and viewing the amazing pictures you take of your "family". This newest little donkey is so cute. I could just scoop him up and squeeze him. I don't know about the name Gnat, doesn't quite seem to roll off of the tongue, ya know? Since you don't seem to mind suggestions for names, I'll through in my two cents. How about Giddeon?

  10. Poor little Gnat. Well I'm glad his momma showed him she still luved him.

  11. That was one hard lesson to learn.
    my heart went out to him. I glad to see all worked out in the end.!! :)

  12. awww i can just picture his sad little face and poor little sigh! I'm glad he was quickly reassured LOL

  13. I'm telling you...if I lived near you, you would have to have the police escort me from your property as I would be over there every day!!!!

    You are really making me want to adventure into the donkey raising. I have always loved these guys and I think I may start looking for a preggers one!!

  14. Poor sweetie Gnat! He's such a cutie. Good that his mama went after him.

  15. That sounds like a great children's book!


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