Sunday, September 25

Sunday Dose of Cute: Take a Wild Guess

Bert and the big dogs 1 -
Who stayed up all night guarding the sheep against coyotes and monsters. . .

Lots more photos below. . .

Bert and the big dogs 2 -

And who spent the night curled up indoors on his Coolaroo? (best pet purchase ever by the way)

Ready to launch yourself into the week—or could you use a nap first?

©, where dogs will be dogs, which is why Daisy and Marta's favorite place to hang out is on a big pile of aged sheep manure (next to it are a bunch of grass clippings I didn't want to use in the garden because they have walnut leaves mixed in them).

Bert, who is hard at work on the Mole Patrol, looks a little pale because he's been dusted with food grade diatomaceous earth to help with fleas and ticks (you can read about all the ways we use this wonderful stuff around the farm and garden here)—and Marta Beast looks like a big goofy mess because she is one (Marta could find a mud puddle in a desert), which just makes us love her that much more.


  1. Well, it obviously WASN'T Bert who was up all night! LOL!!
    You must never have to till your garden the way the dogs keep it dug up looking for moles!

  2. Up all night and Bert still with all that energy..I was like that once, although I was clubbing, not guarding sheep from monsters!

  3. I love the way beagles are so determined! Your big girls are beauties even when messy! Great set of photos of working doggies...and one who thinks he is working!

  4. Dirty dogs!! What is the big tan scruffy one?

  5. Marta & Daisy are working girls - they need their beauty sleep...uh, nap. Bert is a busy boy! He must make sure there are no moles under the dirt, grass clippings or anything else that might be a place for moles to hide. Go get 'em, Bert!

  6. Oh my gosh, what is he digging for??? So cute. I couldn't figure out where his head was at first!

  7. Susan, you are a truly wonderful lady sharing so much of your rich and rewarding farm life with us. I feel that I know you better than some of my friends. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  8. Laughing at them all....

  9. Oh BErt! You are such a busy boy! Kinda makes you wonder what Marta & Daisy think of all of that activity. He definitely is entertaining isn't he? thank you again for sharing your crazy, amazing, wonderful farm life with us. I know there's a lot of hard work, but as your readers we are ao lucky to get to share a little bit of it.


  10. Hey do you get to pet and hug Marta and Daisy, or not so that they don't get confused about their jobs on the farm? I've never been sure-I know you wrote once that you had to be really careful about how much affection/cuddling you gave them so that they would remain working dogs. I wouldn't be able to resist either one of them!!!!

  11. Bert is always doing something, and he loves digging for the moles. I get laughing at Bert everytime. You have some beautiful dogs, and don't we love them even if they are dirty and messy. Thanks for sharing the photo's.

  12. I just ordered a Coolaroo for my beagles! I think two can fit on the medium... if not, I could always use another dog bed. Thanks for the tip Susan.

  13. Bert looks adorable. I think I need a Bert!!


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