Thursday, September 1

Thursday Dose of Cute: Recovery

Donkey Gus recovering from being de-jacked -

It was a long, hot afternoon, but yesterday's 'de-jacking' of our donkey boys went very well, thanks to our wonderful vet and farrier (who loved the cake and cookie bribes). Gus, Gnat, and Donkey Doodle Dandy are all recovering nicely, though today they would probably beg to differ.

I have some more photos of the big day I think you'll enjoy (nothing too graphic, don't worry!), but right now I'm headed out into the 100°+ hayfield to help pick up 180 bales of hay—a job we'll be recovering from tomorrow.

©, where I'm thinking the next big farm project should be a nice cool job—like reorganizing the contents of the chest freezers. I should probably start by polishing off the ice cream hiding in one of them. Maybe with some blackberry crisp.


  1. Awwwww! Poor little guy!!!

  2. Ohhhhhh poor boys! But they will be happier in the long run! Glad everyone is doing well!

  3. That's one sorry looking donkey. Is he still coming off the anesthetic in that pic? Looks like he's trying to keep his balance with his front legs all spraddled out. Poor little dude. Um... dudette? Semi-dude?

  4. Hi Everybody,
    I know - I feel so bad for all of them. I'm just glad the whole long awaited ordeal is over. The good thing is that at least they didn't spend several weeks knowing the appointment was coming and worrying about it the whole time like I did. :)

    Yeah, that's Gus trying to wake up and stand up after the anesthesia started wearing off. They were all really wobbly.

    Poor Dan (king of the herd) was so determined to get back on his hooves as soon as he regained consciousness that he actually toppled onto the grass and rolled completely over at least twice.

    Little Gnat, on the other hand, watched Gus trying to stay upright, stood up himself, started teetering, and decided it was a good idea to just sit back down for a while. ;)

  5. Awww, poor guys. It is all for the best, though, and they will have good lives even without sex drives.

    Totally unrelated - I made your toffee/chip shortbread cookies recently and found a faster way to portion them out into small enough blobs. My smallest cookie scoop was 2x the size I liked the cookies to be, so it used to be a lengthy process of scooping blobs, cutting them in half, and then re-forming so they looked right.

    Today I laid a piece of parchment paper on the counter & put the cookie dough on top, sort of spreading it in a lumpy layer. A piece of plastic wrap went on top & I started rolling the dough into a flat surface. Then I just cut them with a pizza wheel & used a butter knife to move them from the big piece of parchment onto a cookie sheet (that had another piece of parchment on it). I had to leave some gaps for slight cookie expansion.

    It worked GREAT and I think the square shape works well. It gives you corners that get a little crispier than the sides (or middles). It also meant I could fit a whole batch of dough on just 2 cookie sheets (less space between the squares than between round cookies).

    I normally hate rolled cookies because of having to add flour, but with this recipe it's EASY. That is my favorite cookie recipe of all time, BTW. You rock :)

  6. Oooowwww! give those boys a hug from all of us!

    Now...if you need any help cleaning up the ice cream in the chest freezer...errr, I mean reorganizing the chest freezer...I think I know a few volunteers....

    it's waaay to hot here too! I'm looking forward to some cooler weather!

    happy Labor Day weekend to all of you!



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