Sunday, December 10

Daily Farm Photo: 12/10/06

Weekend Dog Blogging #64

Lucky Buddy Bear Takes A Break In The Hay

Attention Art & Animal Lovers!
Looking for a pet charity where every single donated dollar goes straight to the source (and is desperately needed)? A Place To Bark, the non-profit animal rescue operated by the extraordinary Bernie Berlin in Tennessee, has transported and found homes for 348 unwanted dogs in 2006 alone (and she also rescues cats). Click here to bid on original artwork in the A Place To Bark Ebay Benefit Auction going on now. (And check back, as more items will be added soon.) Click here to see what a difference one amazing person can make in this world. Head over to Sweetnicks each Sunday night for the WDB roundup.

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And: A Little Snowstorm Can't Keep Patchy Cat From Running The Farm


  1. "When the works all done and the suns settin' low, pull on my master and I chew on my bone. Sheep are asleep so I keep it kinda low, and that god I'm a country dog."

  2. Thank goodness more and more people are trying to save pets and cut down on the pet population by spaying and neturing.

    We don't have a dog - we considered it and decided that we couldn't take care of it proberly. We do have a cat who adopted us - the people who lived here before us left him.

  3. Nice blog on the farm. I think the picture of the dog is great.

    BTW, congrats on making blog of the week.


  4. Oooooooh, a sweet picture!

  5. Thank you for the link to Bernie Berlin. What an awesome woman. I fell in love with her and her incredible compulsion to save the dogs.


  6. Nice blog. I used to work on a farm but they cut my wage down to 2 oatmeal cookies and a pint of goat milk a week. Needless to say, I decided to seek other employment opportunities.

  7. Love Pittmeister's parody of "Thank God I'm a Country Boy!" :-)

    Bless Bernie and her one-woman effort to help rescue our four-legged friends. When I see examples like this of compassion and kindness, it makes me think that maybe there's still good in some hearts, somewhere.


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